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See also Oraniensans by Icelar.

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Ok, This took a while !

accents coming soon, numerals not so soon. ¿Basic Latin? Maaaaybe.

Let me know what you think, anything is helpful.


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Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 12th december 2015

Why does some letters seem chippy (the X, for example)? And the bar of the T looks 1 brick lower than the rest of the glyphs.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 12th december 2015

Don't know what happened to that x...  well, it's fixed now, as the T bar. Thanks  guys.

Comment by Icelar 12th december 2015

K is still chippy, bottom left of X is still chippy. Top left of N is missing a notch. Try making the starting tip of Q's tail pointier? Maybe it would look better. Try lifting the bar of the f higher, terminal of f is chippy. Try thinning the stress of e at the bottom left of the bowl by half a block. The right part of the crotch of m is slightly chippy.

Sorry if I had the terminology completely wrong. I'm not very knowledgeable at the anatomy of type.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 14th december 2015

Oh, and the æ could be nudged down half a brick, and the grave(`) shouldn't be there. Try reducing the size of the diaereses(¨). Could the circumflexes(ˆ) be leveled with the other diacritics. Maybe try a bulbous terminal on the y?

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 14th december 2015

Try making the dot of the semicolon(;) at the height of the hyphen(-). The colon(:) could level with the semicolon. Zero(0) should have the same height as the other numerals. Starting tip of s could be shaped more like the starting tip of its uppercase. Chin of G could be made higher.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 14th december 2015

VitKillen, thank you so much for taking your time with this: I'm redrawing the font, the preview is a mess, but I think the whole thing it's getting somewhere now. Your terminology is understandable.


1. I'm in doubt: what's up with the grave? I can't see anything wrong with it really!

2. I've already tried to change the "y" termination to something round, but it seems weird too. Maybe something in angle, like f's fop?

3. I'm working on numbers and a regular "g" with a loop. And I've just found out my circular figures are exactly the same size than the rest, but they seem smaller, so ¿should I make them a little bit higher for balance?

I'm trying to construct a proportionated regular serif, but as you can see I'm just figuring things out, this might take a little... 

Comment by Icelar 14th december 2015

P.D: Whatever you do, don't look at my asterisk. Please, don't.

Comment by Icelar 14th december 2015

This is good so far. :) For y, you could add a serif, like p and q. I would make the top angle of 1 mirror the e, which would also work for the bar on Polish l. For : and ;, most fonts set the top dots at the x-height. I make the diaeresis the same size as the dots on i and j, and set them at the same height. My only thing about the acute, grave, circumflex, etc., is that they should be at a steeper angle, say like, the leg of X. As for the round glyphs, they do typically ascend/descend a bit to offset the fact that to our eyes they seem smaller—it's an optical illusion.

Comment by TCWhite 14th december 2015

Thank you TC. I'm flipping those accents right now!

Comment by Icelar 15th december 2015

Great work here!

Comment by elmoyenique 15th december 2015

Oh yeah, that looks better. I love your g, but I would move the beginning part of the leg to the left, say, just a smidge past the bowl. Right now it kind of appears to be leaning to the left. I Love your sharp s. I would aslo move the bar of f up to the x-height, like t. And, the circumflex should have the same angle as the acute/grave. :)

Comment by TCWhite 16th december 2015

- Thanks Elmoyenique! ;)

- TC: I'm finished with " f " and "g ". Still fighting with the acute...

Comment by Icelar 16th december 2015

You changed your f, but not fi, fl, ff, ffi or ffl.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 17th december 2015


Comment by Icelar 17th december 2015

Looks really good so far. Hope to see numbers soon

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 17th december 2015

Numbers: cheked.

Comment by Icelar 18th december 2015

Suggestion: Make the % the same height as the numbers.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 19th december 2015

Other suggestions: Make the serifs on the 2 and 5 similar to those of T. Make the strokes of the 4 and 7 similar to those of V. Add serifs to the end of the stroke of 7. The bar of 4 could be set lower. The ˆ of Ê is different from the others. Make the ^ more angular. The bar (diacrit) of Ø and ø could be longer. The ¸s of Ç could be centered more. The ¨ of ÿ is still unchanged. The ¿ and ¡ could be sitting on the decender line. < and > could be more angular. Bottom dot of : could be sitting on the baseline. The horizontal strokes of # could be farer apart, and the vertical strokes could be thick like the V. ( ) / \ [ ] | could be sitting on the decender line and have their heads scraping the ceiling at cap height. Vertical line of $ could be thinner (like ¢) and longer (¢ too). Maybe make the bowl of Þ smaller. The stroke of þ could extend from the acender line to the decender line. Maybe set the tail of Q more to the right.

These are all suggestions, you don't need to comply all if you don't feel like it. This font is really looking good. I see lots of potential in this. Wait, did I not vote this? I didn't? Well then, 10/10.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 19th december 2015

Suggestion for the *.

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 21st december 2015

You may want to make the "þ" (thorn)'s ascender as tall as the b, and the middle part of "œ" where the "o" and the "e" touch seems a bit bold. Also, the "¿" upside down question mark usually goes below the baseline, like a descender. Sorry for my English.

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st december 2015

Ah, the fun of learning the basics of design. :) As for thorn (þ), it is essentially a b with a descender, or a p wth an ascender. I like your numbers so far, and I would make them lowercase, i.e., old style. My only other suggestion would be to make the commas larger, i.e., maybe combine the period with them? Also, you could try making the acute/grave/circumflex/caron at the same angle as A/V.

Comment by TCWhite 21st december 2015

Vitkillen: I'm fighting with the asterisk right now in a cloned version. Love your suggestions man, no worries! I'm thankful you can give me your opinion on such a big font.

Noah and TC: I'm also coming up with elzevirian numbers, a correct thorn and a normal oe ligature, guys. I think It's gonna be done by wednesday... thanks for your thoughts too. ;)

Comment by Icelar 21st december 2015

Also, the y with diaresis's dots seem way thicker  than any other letter with diaresis

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st december 2015
Comment by Icelar 28th january 2019
Comment by Icelar 28th january 2019

A font with this name already exists disined by Oleg Popov. If you inspired them, then it is worth pointing it out. That font uses the logic of a Pointed pen with endings-traces terminals of a Broad pen. In your font, the logic of the pointed pen is used only in serifs, so the p and d stress need to be corrected(like you do it in c, o, s). I would add a nib trace to w, like here. And if you want to make small numbers, make a real minuscule.

Best wishes)

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 30th january 2019


Comment by SymbioticDesign 31st january 2019
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Oranienbaum” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Mon, 11th september

Congratulations on the TP!

Comment by elmoyenique Thu, 14th september

the U thing is missing the ring on top

Comment by Pszczół Sun, 4th february

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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