Carthage Sans LKE

by csyde
Cloned from Carthage Sans by csyde.

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Carthage Sans LKE is an expanded version of my Carthage Sans font, which in itself is a reimagining of Apple's Espy Sans 12 bitmap font. It aims to cover as much as possible of the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek blocks of the Unicode standard (thus the initials -- "Latina, Kirilitsa, Elleniki"). I'm open to expanding it to any of the other scripts Unicode covers, but I have little to no personal experience with most other alphabets; if you'd like to contribute, I'd particularly be interested in Arabic, Devanagari, Katakana, Hiragana, Armenian, and Hangul. (I would like to add Hebrew as well, but it's hard to get the diacritics right in what's essentially a pixel font. We'll see.) The current status as of 10/28/2015 (the date of initial publication):

-Latin: all of Latin-1, Latin Extended-A, and "Even More Latin"; Latin Extended-B is missing some characters that seem to be mostly either phonetic notation or obsolete.

-Greek: All Greek characters supported by FontStruct. If you need some of the ancient dialect characters like Pamphylian digamma, they're now in the GitHub version; polytonic will appear there as well, if anyone asks for it. Basic Coptic support is there, although I tried to fit it into the Espy Sans aesthetic rather than trying to duplicate the Byzantine-Egyptian traditional style.

-Cyrillic: Still a work in progress, but all Slavic languages using Cyrillic characters should be covered. The main holdup is Abkhazian, which is spoken by just over 110,000 people in the world and also has one of the longest alphabets in the world; I have no idea how many of them would be interested in this, so it hasn't been a huge priority. (Besides, the PT family from Russia's Paratype is excellent and far better than I could do with most Cyrillized languages.) I've emphasized support for several languages, the most important being Vietnamese (75 million speakers deserve some support no matter how tedious it is to do so).

I've also added characters for Old Irish, Old Church Slavonic, and Icelandic. There's a number of characters used in pan-African linguistics I am not sure if I need or not; they'll get filled in eventually alongside the Cyrillic, but how fast I have no idea.

Carthage Sans extended version on GitHub:

I am deeply indebted to Keith Martin (@thatkeith on Twitter), formerly of the UK MacUser magazine, and his Espy Sans Revived project for a reference for the original letter bitmaps; Carthage is entirely my work but it's hard to find Espy Sans specimens in the wild, and his work is probably the best.

Info: Created on 19th August 2015 . Last edited on 24th May 2016.
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(Powerful Quality Realization)
Comment by thalamic 29th October 2015

#wai Plz add U+037F Greek Capital Letter Yot. It would be highly appreciated.

Comment by X2A3Q 29th December 2015

Unfortunately, there's a lot of parts of Unicode that Fontstruct doesn't support, and that particular character appears to be in one of the missing areas. However, I've just added the letter you requested and a couple more to the GitHub version; link in the description.

Comment by csyde 30th December 2015

Thanks! I'll be sure to use this font ;)

Comment by X2A3Q 30th December 2015

However I found a way to squeeze out of that problem by just making the yot into the empty space that is U+037F. Amazing font o3o

Comment by X2A3Q 31st December 2015

Oh  and add Coptic, I like the script, but start with the coptic in the Greek zone, dont want it to be so hard;)

Comment by X2A3Q 31st December 2015

Concerning African linguistics . . . You're free to peruse my font Khnum to see what characters you need to add. This goes for Coptic as well. :)

Comment by TCWhite 31st December 2015

—Note: many of the characters shown in the font that Unicode uses are of incorrect design—quite a few of the African characters for example.

Comment by TCWhite 31st December 2015

Okay, added Coptic. (Hopefully it's legible to someone used to the more traditional letter shapes.) I'll look into the African phonetics more. The Github version has been updated as well.

Comment by csyde 1st January 2016

Your t's with cedillas need cedillas. The majority of the lowercase African letters are in the IPA block, with a few in the modifier letters supplemental block. A few more, i.e., the capitals of some in the IPA block, are in Latin Extended-C and Latin Extended-D. The remainder of Coptic is right after Latin Extended-C.

Concerning Coptic: the small fei should have a descender and ascender, as should dei, i.e, the crossbar should be at x-height—the capital is like T with a small ascender. Small khei usually mirrors the capital but with an ascender. Small shima also usually mirrors the capital (a typical design is like a 6 with a flat base). Capital hori can also have a descender. It's good otherwise. :)

Comment by TCWhite 2nd January 2016

I made a few of the tweaks (not quite sure what to do with hori). The t-with-cedilla thing, though, I'll stand by that, because as best as I can tell no language actually uses it. The way I figure, if a Romanian-speaker decides to use Carthage, they'll appreciate it.

Comment by csyde 3rd January 2016

Hori is fine. I would still change small khei—make it like the capital but with an ascender. Plus, there are both t and s with cedilla, and with comma (Latin Extended-B). And t with cedilla is used in Gagauz, a Turkish language. :)

Comment by TCWhite 3rd January 2016

:P now the coptic will be more useful because I've decided to learn Coptic. (Bohairic Dialect)

Comment by X2A3Q 22nd January 2016

Font looks very cool, but some of the letters are not made very well. I understand in the Cyrillic and Latin, therefore corrected these letters in this font: If you copy them to yourself and add to where they are needed, then I will remove my font. But the design of the letters anyway I like. What about kerning and hinting optical compensation (although the latter is now the fashion to forget about these compensations) in the PRO version?

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 26th September 2016


I'm a little torn on the idea of a pro version. On the one hand, I'm not against the idea, but on the other hand, I feel like those kinds of refinements sort of defeat the purpose of a pixel font. Not that I would turn down a willing contributor :-)

As for the Cyrillic letters, I'll see what I can do. I've been far too busy for font design of late, but I like your work and will credit you appropriately.

Comment by csyde 27th September 2016

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