AT Sudoku

by kassymkulov

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These glyphs are actually fully legit, solvable sudoku patterns with a single possible solution (+ no guessing). The stars indicate difficulty level. A Gamecomp entry. In progress.



Clone this work. Make sure that number bricks are ordered from 1-9 like in the image below. Apply 3 extra guides horizontally and vertically as indicated (see the image). Lock the guides. That's it, you're ready to go.
Hint: You can use keyboard for numbers or set cycle mode for pen type.
Comment by kassymkulov 6th november 2014
Difficulty levels:
1 star - Easy
2 stars - Moderate
3 stars - Hard
4 stars - Tough
Instances when guessing's involved are not included in this collection, so you should be able to solve these puzzles using general logic.

I actually wanted to create a nonogram that could be deciphered using Fontsrtructor, but due to my lack of any knowledge regarding pixel art, I've unfortunately abandoned that idea. (Check out Nonogram Alpha by minidonut if you're interested). So I remembered another puzzle game I used to play when travelling long distances by train back in a non-internet days called Sudoku, which I'm sure many of you guys are familiar with.

The letter shapes could be better of course if done by a pixel savvy designer, and maybe the whole 9x9 grid could be used for a letter space without any borders, but I hope you'll give me a pass in this because of the solvable pattern requirement. AT Sudoku may go further in development, so give me a hint if you know some awesome 9x9 pixel font designs out there.

At the start I thought it's simple, just find full Sudoku patterns, delete some numbers so that a picture/glyph would form... But then you end up with a puzzle that has multiple solutions, or is unsolvable at all. And most programs on internet generate patterns automatically with random layouts.
So the goal was to find a program that generates Sudoku from user defined layout (shapes) that would look like a heart or in my situation, like a letter.
Gladly, I found this website that could actually do it (and very quick if the pattern's simple and with enough starting squares).

I will try to add LC too, so it's still in progress and I'm open for suggestions. Thanks and enjoy!
Comment by kassymkulov 6th november 2014
Comment by kassymkulov 6th november 2014
This fontstruction is full of delights. You convinced me with your clever concept and solid execution. I love the beautiful deco numerals made by stacking composites, and also the convincing decorated pixel font at the heart of each puzzle. Very well done, architaraz!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 6th november 2014
What an inventive and refreshing use of the medium: a game that's played inside the actual fontstructor, with the beautifully stacked numbers being the only bricks in the my bricks section and the pixelfont based glyphs being another visual reference to gaming.
Comment by four 6th november 2014
Are you freaking kidding me? wow.
Comment by OsyenVyeter 6th november 2014
Great idea. I'd flip horizontally the 8 as it looks like it's been reversed like this.
Comment by djnippa 6th november 2014
Thanks everybody for your awesome comments :)
@djnippa: I personally don't see much difference, but it's not a problem cause there is an awesome swap bricks feature, so I'll think about it.

Update: Started adding LC and another 4 star difficulty level (Tough) has been added.

P.S. Check out the @.
Comment by kassymkulov 6th november 2014
holy sh***********!! i'm mesmerized
Comment by escaphandro 6th november 2014
I love sudokus
make a grid version °o°
Comment by minidonut 6th november 2014
Sorry I may have confused you. I think the 8 would look better flipped like this.
Comment by djnippa 6th november 2014

@minidonut: Hmm, that thought came to me, but it becomes complicated. Another solution I see is to use inverted numbers and black squares for grid.

@djnippa: Done.
Comment by kassymkulov 7th november 2014
This is really awesome. I was working on the first puzzle, but I noticed that you have two fives in the bottom-left square. =P
Comment by Chiri Vulpes (Aarilight) 7th november 2014
@Aarilight. Oh, I see, sorry, please notify me of further typos. I'll change A as soon as get to my notebook. Thanks!
Comment by kassymkulov 7th november 2014
In the early days of FontStruct, we got to see fresh, new, innovative, exciting fonts on almost a daily basis. Exciting fonts that literally left you wow'd and amazed because either the typeface style was new or it used the fontstructor in a way not used before, or both. Very few of us from the early days remain even mildly active anymore. I would venture to say (no offence intended) because we either ran out of ideas or got bored of it, or found other more stimulating outlets.

I, myself, comment very little anymore. However, FontStruct live page is a pinned tab on my many browsers. I check to see what's going on on fs everyday, without fail.

And then something like this comes along that is new, fresh, innovative, exciting. Once again, after a long time, I am left wow'd and amazed. Thank you for that.

And congratulations for a wonderful fontstruct in every way.
Comment by thalamic 7th november 2014
@Aarilight. If you're still on the original puzzle, the correct 5 in the bottom left corner is the one positioned at the bottom center square. Delete the other 5. But since the overall design would have that space filled in, you can change that second 5 to a 2.

@architaraz. Gobsmacked! I created my own version of this back in 2010, but it felt soulless and disingenuous because it was made simply by taking a completed grid and deleting numbers as you mentioned above. Your creation feels like it has a soul with form and function. The spacing of numbered forms add diversity to the puzzles. The single brick numbering system makes it easy for fonstructors to work on their own. Great work! Bravo to you, sir!

If you're making a lined grid version, I suggest upscaling the filter to 1.8 or 2.0 before adding the lines for better control. If you're making it for the game comp, it will still be 28 bricks high.

@thal. I'm the same way. The UWE class and contests always get my attention.
Comment by geneus1 7th november 2014
@thalamic & geneus1:
I really don't know how to reply... Thanks! As long as new features to Fontstruct are added (like the recent Nidge), small grid fontstructors will always keep on exploring. Not to mention those who use djnippa's tool for creating bezier beauties and pixel format designers. And there's always (hopefully) UWE students. :)

Thanks for the tip regarding lined grid version, I'm already working on it :)
Comment by kassymkulov 8th november 2014
A game played within the FontStructor-- that's just awesome. Extremely creative, unique and stylish. This totally deserves to be a winner.
Comment by ETHproductions 18th november 2014
A readable font with each letter in itself is a game. Just amazing!
Comment by naveenchandru 24th november 2014
Thanks for the fun. Solved a SUDOKU after a long time. :)
Comment by naveenchandru 24th november 2014
Thanks. Hope you had fun solving it fonstructively.
Comment by kassymkulov 27th november 2014
Good luck! I like it a lot!
Comment by elmoyenique 1st december 2014
This is one of the cleverest things I think I've ever seen. Excellent on so many levels - the single-brick numbers looking like a cohesive font of their own, the actual sudoku puzzles with only one solution, the fact they actually turn into letters, the fact you can clone the font then solve the puzzles within the editor! Mindblowing and fantastic.
Comment by Allison James (NAL) 3rd december 2014
Congratulations! Such a mind-boggling and inventive piece of work.
Comment by p2pnut 4th december 2014
Great work on this! However, while playing I noticed an error in L/l, there are two 9s in the top left corner.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 4th january 2015
Letter S seems to be wrong too, since you can't put the 7 in the correct spot at the top right.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 4th january 2015

I'm on tablet and I couldn't do that...

Comment by zaidhan 25th december 2017

1 star?

Comment by zaidhan 25th december 2017

Couldn't get the numbers..... Tell me how you got these number bricks.

Comment by zaidhan 25th december 2017


Just follow the instructions provided there and you can remake the numbers. Split them into four to see what bricks make what.

Amazing font idea, architaraz. :)

Comment by toothy7564 11th january 2018

ENG: Thanks! ??: Daerde!

Comment by zaidhan 23rd august 2018


Comment by zaidhan 2nd june 2019

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