by TCWhite

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Extra characters are in Latin Extended-B and IPA. These consist of the majuscule variants of characters in Latin Extended Additional, Phonetic Extensions and Phonetic Extensions Additional, and ones for Native American, such as the majuscule and minuscule Dh/Dl and the majuscule Th/Tl, being the inverted Y characters, as well as the capital forms of the Latin Greek letters Delta and Phi. There are also alternate Vs with hooks—though the character is named this, it is really a U with a hook. I've added lowercase chi and capital click consonants in the IPA, and two extra Ets on the bullet-shaped bullet characters. The inspiration for Khnum came from Media SA, which was my first large-scale font created many years ago. However, I wanted this font to be a non-modular font, so I re-created it on a small-scale.

Info: Created on 27th February 2014 . Last edited on 29th August 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Very nice and impressive charset. I like Q and g especially. 10/10+fav
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th May 2014
1 letter I don't like is N. It would look better to be more like lowercase n.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 26th May 2014
Yeah, that's always an issue with design. I could also make the M like N, as well.
Comment by TCWhite 26th May 2014
Very comprehensive - and good.
Comment by p2pnut 27th May 2014
@p2pnut: Thanks!
Comment by TCWhite 27th May 2014
Immpressive! Downloaded, cloned, liked and 10/10! I am trying to get a few full character sets going myself, but I don't hope to get that many characters in one font. Wow. Good job design-wise as well as in being so thorough and supporting so many languages/sets!
Comment by SymbioticDesign 13th June 2014
@SymbioticDesign: Thanks! I would include most of what I have here now—you can leave out Coptic. I've just updated it, and added some more characters. I fixed the Tironian et, added insular gs, etc.
Comment by TCWhite 13th June 2014
Updated. I decided, after looking at the original version of this, that I liked it better without the serifs, so I removed them. I also altered a few of the characters and diacritics.

@winty: yeah, the N looks better this way. :)
Comment by TCWhite 18th June 2014
@TCWhite: I liked it with serifs.
Comment by opipik 19th June 2014
I like it both ways, but for what I use it for, it's better this way. Plus, you can clone it and add serifs. :) Then again, if I feel like it, I'll make a different version of it with true serifs, instead of the semi-serifs like it had.
Comment by TCWhite 19th June 2014
So … updated once again. I cannot stress how much I love the nudge tool. It finally allowed me to do this font how I originally wanted it. The original, which I made years ago, and was my first large-scale font, called Media SA, was the inspiration for this. However, I wanted this font to be a non-modular font, so I re-created it on a small-scale. The one downside was that I couldn't create specific blocks in small-scale mode, but with the addition of the nudge tool, I didn't need to settle for a different design. The left crossbar of f & t, for example, I wanted to be a 1/4 brick, but couldn't create one with that particular curve; but now I don't have to. So … yeah for nudge. :)
Comment by TCWhite 23rd June 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Khnum” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 24th June 2014
Congratulations on the well deserved Top Pick! I'm glad I cloned/downloaded the serif version, but I agree, this one is more special. Downloaded & cloned this one, as well. ;)
Comment by SymbioticDesign 24th June 2014
@meek & SymbioticDesign: Thanks!

I've altered a few more characters—the exclamation marks, the interrobang, fixed the inverted glottal stop, the Greek Xi (which for this design I found too thin) & tonos, etc. With so many characters, I sometimes miss a few with the wrong blocks/angles.
Comment by TCWhite 24th June 2014
not pixel   + 04/10
awesomeness + 03/10
not mono    + 02/10
unicode     + 03/10

favorite    - 2/10

TOTAL: fave + 10/10
Comment by minidonut 26th June 2014
Fixed the spacing issue with the combining diacritics, and made some minor alterations.
Comment by TCWhite 4th July 2014
I altered a few characters, and added a few more.
Comment by TCWhite 4th August 2014
I've altered a few glyphs, added quite a few more, and fixed some that weren't uniform with their companions. The additions are to Coptic, the remainder of the insular glyphs, and some Mayan.
Comment by TCWhite 18th August 2014
I just want to add this: As I began to decide to expand my fonts, I researched all the Unicode character maps and other fonts and languages to determine the shape of some of the glyphs. A lot of the glyphs that are mapped to certain Unicode characters in the font that FS uses, are displayed improperly, such as lowercase Heng, and t with retroflex hook. I highly recommend researching before creating certain glyphs.
Comment by TCWhite 19th August 2014
O_o 1465 beautiful characters. Definitely downloading.
Comment by Structifier 6th September 2014
Why, thank you. :) I'm pleased with it now. The changes I just made were to a few characters only—mainly Coptic. Given the specific angles I decided to work with, it took me a while to figure out what design I really wanted for them.
Comment by TCWhite 7th September 2014
10/10 Love this! 1465 perfectly designed characters. Inspirational.
Comment by AV Perth (ConEAP) 18th September 2014
I appreciate that; thank you. :) To all who've downloaded this: I've added a few more characters, and altered a few, which I hadn't noticed were offset in their height.
Comment by TCWhite 22nd September 2014
Very cool, and have a large character set. 10/10+Fav
Comment by ivancr72 22nd October 2015
@ivancr72: Thanks.
Comment by TCWhite 23rd October 2015
I'm upgrading this, i.e., I'm fixing certain characters and adding or erasing others.
Comment by TCWhite 4th November 2015
I've added extra characters, i.e., those without code points, in the Latin Extended-B and IPA sections.
Comment by TCWhite 5th November 2015
Okay peeps, I'm done with this now.
Comment by TCWhite 6th November 2015

i like it

Comment by imkellyli 12th August 2016

@imkellyli: Why, thank you. :)

Comment by TCWhite 14th August 2016

This is absolutely amazing work. Each and every letter have been crafted with skill and precision. They are slick with fine curves and razor sharp edges. The caracter set is super massive. The text rendered looks beautiful and easy to read. The spacing is generous; no major kerning issues (even before kerning). Khnum takes fontstructing to another level. Added to my Favorites. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 23rd August 2016

:) Thanks, Frodo. I did space it wider due to the lack of being able to kern it. The idea for this font was for a friend of mine, as well as for my music project. He uses a version of it on his website (metallife magazine), while I use it for my artistic logo font (I & O Media). If I feel up to it, there are a couple of letters that I would update, such as the Ezhes, the Yoghs, and the Cyrillic Dzes, which, of course, I might do. So, thanks again. I also love most of your work—it's very creative.

Comment by TCWhite 24th August 2016
Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 25th August 2016
Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 25th August 2016

The lack of an ear on the g is intentional. I don't care for the ear, and with typography, any idea is optional. There are no set guidelines as to how characters shou​ld look, it's really just a matter of recognizability, not what people are accustomed to. As for the y, and the numbers, et cetera, I only have two angles in the font, so I constructed all the letters based on that idea. As for the Cyrillic letters, I prefer the original design for those letters, which is why De and El look like A, and Ef and U being squat—if you will—has always looked unbalanced to me—I prefer them with descenders. The corners of the letters, by the way, are the way they are, because all other letters in the font follow the same design. And, I and Em—not a bad idea. I hadn't thought about lowercase em looking like t.

Comment by TCWhite 26th August 2016

I love the Q In fact, the whole font is rather attractive, nice for text. The occasional unexpected angles (3;A,K,R,W etc.) make it more pleasant than other modern Sans. Perfect. 10/10

Comment by Aeolien 28th August 2016

@Aeolien: Thank you. I'm rather fond of my Q, and my tilde, as well. :) I love sci-fi type fonts.

Comment by TCWhite 28th August 2016

Oops. I had forgotten to fix the circle on the recording symbol, i.e., the circled p. I also added an information symbol.

Comment by TCWhite 29th August 2016