fs Zig

by minimum
See also fs Zag by minimum.

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As usual, this is not what I set out to do. But it had merit of its own, so, as usual, what the heck principle was internally said and employed.

Uses only the square brick.

With only 45° cuts, this fs was not as clear-cut as evident. Much -fun- pains were staked to get things to line-up and combine and gel and connect and whatnot.

There are two types of connectors: internal and external. These can be used to connect letters together at the second rhombus level for external connectors and third rhombus level for internal connectors. Furthermore, each connector comes in horizontal and vertical variants. All connectors have a zero width, meaning typing any does not advance the character. This allows for connectors to be placed betwixt letters without manual adjustment. Further-furthermore, the horizontal and vertical connectors can be stacked one-on-top-of-another for a heavier connector action. Further-further-furthermore, there are larger connectors available for tricky letters with extra gaps, such as the T. Each of the larger connectors have the same properties as the smaller connectors. Further-further-further-furthermore, the larger connectors have 1×2 and 2×2 options. There's a little bit of system to this madness. Once you start typing, it starts to become second-nature quite quickly.

{ = Small Horizontal External Connector
[ = Small Vertical External Connector

} = Small Horizontal Internal Connector
] = Small Vertical Internal Connector

* = Large 2×2 Horizontal External Connector Left
( = Large 2×2 Vertical External Connector Left

) = Large 2×2 Vertical External Connector Right
_ = Large 2×2 Horizontal External Connector Right

~ = Large 1×2 Horizontal External Connector Left
` = Large 1×2 Vertical External Connector Left

< = Large 1×2 Horizontal External Connector Right
> = Large 1×2 Vertical External Connector Right

Then there are the heavier grills that come in 1, 2, 3 or 4 column varieties. All grills are negative widths, meaning typing any stacks the grill over the previous letters, without advancing the character forward. Furthermore, a four column half grill is available which makes a faux 3D effect.

@ = 1 Column Grill
# = 2 Column Grill
$ = 3 Column Grill
% = 4 Column Grill
^ = 4 Column 3D Grill

A randomness of vertical clear columns is also provided to separate or segregate or isolate or something any single or multiple glyphs.

| = Clear Column Forward
\ = Clear Column Backward

Got that? Now go have fun.



Comment by minimum 6th october 2013
Awesome. What a beauty.
Comment by beate 6th october 2013
Thanks, beate. I had fun making it.

For whatever reason, I'm getting a "Oops! An Error Occurred" when attempting to download a TrueType file. Could be because there are just way too many individual paths.
Comment by minimum 7th october 2013
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs Zig” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 7th october 2013
Comment by cablecomputer 7th october 2013
Wow, it looks like it could be applied to fabric weaving.
Comment by four 7th october 2013
Comment by minimum 8th october 2013
Comment by minimum 8th october 2013
Congrats, master!
(BTW, To manage glyphs so big must be very hard..., but the results are superb!)
Comment by elmoyenique 8th october 2013
Yikes!!! A masterful piece of Fontstruction. My poor brain just doesn't cope with the intricacies required for this sort of work.

Amazing! 10/10++++++++++++++
Comment by p2pnut 10th october 2013
Thanks again, elmoyenique and Ray.

@Ray: As usual, not complex at all...especially with a custom grid and the handy preview function.
Comment by minimum 11th october 2013
hmmm...nice one you got there
Comment by TTZH 13th october 2013

The grills advances it one brick forwards...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 9th january 2019

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