FS Scratch me if you can

by kix

Download disabled

The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

“Scratching” is a form of vandalism apparently derived from sprayed graffiti, in which tags are scratched into windows (usually), mostly of public transportation vehicles and street furniture. This phenomenon has apparently begun in the early 1990s. In Germany, scratching is especially prevalent in Berlin, Munich and the whole Ruhr-Area where literally no public transportation train car is without scratched windows, despite traffic companies spending 12 million € on repairing and exchanging scratched windows in 2005 alone. During the 2006 FIFA World Cup, numerous visitors complained about the scratched windows." -wikipedia haha... crazy


Looks like you scratched my monitor! It's both clean and dirty at the same time.

I've been expecting more graffiti styles from you. Perhaps a wildstyle...
Comment by geneus1 25th july 2008
very nice!
Comment by Raketentim 25th july 2008
Kix! Love the font. Looks like the writing that my dog Reilly does:)
Comment by tsampson 26th july 2008
Kix, Very cute font!

I love it!
Comment by hisham4444 27th july 2008
Unfortunately this is another FontStruction which crashes the Font Generating software. It’s just a tad too big. It may be a while before anyone can download this.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 27th july 2008
This is truly badass!

You've really captured the essence of scratchitti (sp?) as far as I'm concerned.
Comment by Karolina Lach (sliveress) 27th july 2008
wow! too big ?!?
so thats why i couldn't download it!

what cam i do?
split it up into 2 fonts?
erase some characters?
how many?

geeez... too big... haha :)

Comment by kix 28th july 2008
The easiest fix would be to split it into multiple fonts - so clone it and then remove letters. I guess you could make upper case, lower case and punctuation sets. You could also try replacing the circles with pixels, that might help.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th july 2008
good idea. thx :)

that 3 font thing is necessary now anyway cause i planned to do some "more latin".
i'll do that "tout de suite"!
Comment by kix 28th july 2008
maybe i'm blind or something, but i didnt find any advice for a function to change all selected bricks in one step...
for example:
(:D)changing the bricks from circles to squares!
...is that possible at all?
Comment by kix 28th july 2008
kix - Can do! Just drag from the All Bricks panel the brick you'd like to use over the top of the brick you'd like to replace in the My Bricks panel.

This is documented in the Quick Start Guide under Working with Bricks.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 28th july 2008
YAY! i managed to get it small enough to download!

changing the bricks from circles to squares was much better than "cutting" that little bastard into three pieces i think. i just wanted to keep it like... compact.

thx stewf for quick answer!
my fault
Comment by kix 28th july 2008
Comment by kix 28th july 2008
Now, *that* is cool
Comment by ric3188 29th july 2008
Comment by Axel Leyer 1st october 2008
Comment by wutu 13th october 2008
think big :)
Comment by kix 22nd october 2008
Nice mate. :)
Comment by alexis13 28th december 2008
just wath y loking for
Comment by MEESTER 19th december 2009

oppositon dolls

Comment by orions0410 15th september 2022

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