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Cloned from Blokula by geneus1.

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The alphabet in a Rubik's cube. Really, its in there. Just barely. Positive and negative versions, miraculously with some punctuation. Numerals are counted thru block spaces. The caps are given a 3D highlight to accentuate the block letters. Check out the Pixel Preview.


superduperbrilliant execution :D
great job
Comment by kix 22nd july 2008
Good job with your font.
Comment by Chris Burgess (maneman) 24th july 2008
Comment by jonah96 25th july 2008
Very entertaining, geneus1. I am admiring the consistency of this font.

However, I am surprised that this is rated highest between your fonts. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but IMHO your hulk and weaver fonts are much better.
Comment by hisham4444 27th july 2008
i dont think you can compare this fonts in any way, but i think this rubik-one needed a lot more creativity and a brilliant idea than for example the hulkfont...which is great indeed.

+ i like the "barely legible"-tag :)
Comment by kix 28th july 2008
Thank you all for the kind words. I am tempted to name my next creation "The Meteoric Interplanetary SuperDuperBrilliant Alternate Reality Disco Ball Font."

hisham4444: I am often surprised and entertained by the FontStruct rating system. I am grateful for each and every vote. Since they are largely out of my control, I like to sit back and watch the ratings as if I let "the kids" go up and down on a rollercoaster. Only I know who the kids really are, how complex they are, their uniqueness, their strengths and weaknesses, but letting them go allows me to see how the world sees them, whatever the score.

kix: FYI- I don't really compare "the kids," but for me, the HulkSmash font required greater creativity and technicality per glyph. For Rubrix, once I created the foundation for the cube design, the rest was fairly simple since everything was pretty much confined to a 3x3 matrix. For HulkSmash, twice as many bricks were used, the grid space was taller and wider, utilized scaled and overlapping bricks, and an original font designed to be sliced and shifted and smashed in different places on each character, all while attempting to look non-modular.
Comment by geneus1 28th july 2008
i didn't see it that way, but it sounds pretty logic.
Comment by kix 28th july 2008
Best font i've seen in a while...
...just out of curiosity, how long did it take to make?

Comment by qwertyacme 24th april 2009
@qwertyacme: Thanks, but if this is the best you've seen in a while, you should keep looking thru the gallery. ;-) You know, if I kept track of how much time I've spent fontstructing, it would probably make me wonder why I've spent so much time fontstructing. On this one, its been so long I don't really know anymore. Over six days, it gradually grew from concept to concept, but in the end it was fairly easy because a blank cube was simply copied to each glyph, then edited. This was actually a spin-off of a private fontstruction that led to a crazy version actually called T.M.I.S.D.B.A.R.D.B.F. which led to this.
Comment by geneus1 25th april 2009
I can't read it. Ok. I do not care. Looks great. 10+-99 points.
Comment by prototype 19th june 2009
You are Beast at Fonts! 10/10 how did you make it that small!?!
Though i can barely read it, it is one of the most excellentacious font I've ever seen.
Comment by Solduke 4th december 2009
That's pretty AWESOME geneuss1!
Comment by Fontyo 25th june 2010
Maybe you could use a font editing program that allows you to make colored fonts. I'd like to see real Rubik's Cube colors ;)
Comment by minidonut 31st december 2013
Oh, and the greater-than and less-than signs are switched.
Comment by minidonut 31st december 2013
@minidonut Y u put bold tag at end? Fixed?
Comment by Evie Atarax (j4s13) 31st december 2013
So clever ! 12/10 ...
Comment by Aeolien 31st december 2013
Thanks for the comments. I forgot about this one. Thanks for the correction, minidonut. Great set of eyes you have there. Just for that, here's a glimpse of the T.MI.S.D.B.A.R.D.B.F. font mentioned above that I will never get around to finishing.
Comment by geneus1 5th january 2014
That's got to be worth finishing - it's an optico-illusionary geometric beauty!
Comment by p2pnut 5th january 2014
Comment by elmoyenique 5th january 2014
It`s Fantastic!
Comment by herovblin 19th october 2015

this is very creative. Love it. Great job

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 30th march 2016

I'll take its 3x3 glyphs.

Comment by dpla 25th may 2017

3x3 Rubik's cube with letters be like:

Comment by BadFromBolMail 12th july 2023

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