by kassymkulov
See also Bubble by jihan, ePic A Venus by Sajan118.

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"A letter within a letter" concept, where small ones are inside of capitals and vice-versa (mostly), giving it an unintentional outline effect. Thanks.


I've seen some works here, including awesome Infix, and I think everybody should do "smth inside of a letter" concept, it'll certainly improve your fontstruct level.
The letters inside mostly have the same height.
Any suggestions are welcome.
Comment by kassymkulov 9th february 2012
Comment by kassymkulov 9th february 2012
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Venus” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th february 2012
Simple but very nice! 10/10
Comment by cablecomputer 9th february 2012
Cool. It reminds me of my Infix. How cool that two so different fonts can come out of the same basic concept. 10/10
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 9th february 2012
but, I dont know if Fi and Fl ligatures are a god idea...
Comment by truth14ful 9th february 2012
Thanks everybody for commenting and for the TP!

Yeap, that was the idea (but accents with some punctuation gave me a hard time)

Your Infix is really cool, thanks for sharing it!

I've changed them now a bit by connecting some ends, hope this gives them a bit more realistic shape.
Comment by kassymkulov 9th february 2012
@CMunk: If somebody ask me, I like veeery much your font "Infix" (10/10, but I like "Venus" font too!
Can both universes to live togethers? I hope it's possible.
Comment by elmoyenique 9th february 2012
@architaraz: Great concept and great solutions on the font. 10 2U once aga
Comment by elmoyenique 9th february 2012
Comment by elmoyenique 9th february 2012
But the St Valentine day touch of Venus (we're straight on the period) has also its charm, even if globally i'm a bit less in phase with it. Maybe with "these" particular shapes i think i would prefer the same glyph inside the big shape, i mean Uc with Uc and Lc with Lc inside. But it's only my personal taste. You're the captain on the boat of your work.
Also, have you tried other possibilities for the inside "t" ?, cause i feel it a bit out of the picture. I also can imagine how difficult it must be to let a cool t appear in white inside the big shape...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 9th february 2012
I hope too! Thanks for your support )

@neurone error:
Yeap, I remembered St.Valentine's coming soon, and it was actually at the end of finishing this font when I realized that "v" looked like heart. Махаббат means love in kazakh, so for cyrillic I also had to change the look of an "m".

I had thoughts of turning this into a family with some straight versions, with Lc in Lc, Uc in Uc etc, but I'll see about that...

About "t". The published version actually just came up at the end. Before, it was the middle one at this picture that I was planning, and the right one looks ok by itself, but it's too bold alongside others:
Comment by kassymkulov 10th february 2012
Concerning the "t", i really prefer the one at the left, the right one you finally chose is too wide for me with other letters, and it is not fitting well with the general style; more soft and rounded. Same remark for its white reverse form, it would be much better if the small white UC was shaped as the one at the left on your sample, in my opinion.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 10th february 2012
Oh, it's not exactly the one at the right you finally chose but it's also too wide, i still prefer the one at the left of your sample, much more fitting with the global style in my opinion.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 10th february 2012
May I give an opinion? The left one is OK, but me myself prefer the right.
Comment by cablecomputer 10th february 2012
I think I also like the left one, I didn't mention about it cause the idea for it came when i was redrawing those other two. So, already changed it, but anyways, alternatives are available, they're next to "oe" character. Thx.
Comment by kassymkulov 10th february 2012
Actually, I like the original version of "T" too.
Comment by cablecomputer 10th february 2012
Nice work. I look forward to seeing it develop into a family (UC inside UC etc). 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 10th february 2012
Another mission accomplished. 10/10
Comment by Artishoker (Golden Roman) 10th february 2012
Only.. The P,R & Q are a bit strange. It's like they want to escape from there darker shell.
Comment by Artishoker (Golden Roman) 10th february 2012
I love this font 5/5 :)
Comment by ianleeye 17th february 2012
this is really awesome
Comment by tobogganlad 11th march 2012
This font was used for the logo of ball pool project called BABABA. Info and video can be found here:
Comment by kassymkulov 12th november 2012
Comment by kassymkulov 12th november 2012
Now, you've got two orders these weeks. I think these are a lucky weeks for you :)
Comment by cablecomputer 12th november 2012
Thanks, CC, but I've known about this project since April, they contacted me back then about usage, just forgot to mention it :)
Also, a corporation from Japan asked permission to include this font alongside Dalmat, Rap My Hip-Hop, Arro in their book for designers, artists etc (I'm sure other FS users also received this message), but I'll upload samples later, when I receive the book.
Comment by kassymkulov 12th november 2012
Congrats for the achievements! The logo works great here, I like the colors (especially with the yellow background).
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 12th november 2012
Congratulations - great to see your work in action.
Comment by p2pnut 12th november 2012
Congratulations, very appropriate use of an excellent font!
Comment by four 12th november 2012
This gave me an idea! (check out my font Tini)

Very awesome font, by the way. 10/10
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 22nd november 2012

Cool! I've never seen more! 50/10

Comment by IheartRussian 10th march 2021

LOVE IS KEY. 97104/10

Comment by Shortee514 19th august 2023

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