by nitrada

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This is still work in progress, a lot of characters missing. There are only UPPERCASE characters available, I filled the lowercase letters with random symbols/patterns. The design is based on this stamp design from 1978 by Gert Dumbar. Use font sizes 64, 128 or 256px. Set leading to 24 (for font size 64), 48 (for 128) and 96 (for 256). More information


This is really nice work; congratulations! I have seen Dumbar's stamp design elsewhere, but I can't recall if I've ever seen a typeface based on it. I hope you will continue to work on this!
Comment by SquarePeg 6th june 2008
Great to hear that you like it! :-) I'll continue to work on it for sure, don't know how many characters I'll do though. At least some more punctuation and symbols as well as numbers ...
Comment by nitrada 7th june 2008

To see the font in action is worth more than description.

Even if the concept may not be 100% original, it is laid out with an amazing consistency!

Comment by Em42 9th june 2008
I actually saw the Dumbar stamp and since I always wanted to try out fontstruct, I just started building it and got seriously pulled in over the weekend! :-) I'm sure there already is another font using this kind of perforation raster, just couldn't find it yet. Or do you mean the general (modular) concept?
Comment by nitrada 9th june 2008
I'm sorry I was not clear enough... :)

As you say in the description, the concept is from Dumbar's stamp design, that's why I said that your concept was not 100% original.

But I really like the way you created a font set with huge personality starting from that concept.
Comment by Em42 9th june 2008
This font is so cool! I love it! I can't download it though because my computer is out of disk space :-(
Comment by subway24 30th june 2008
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 22nd july 2008
Very nice!
Comment by righttype 8th august 2008
I don't know how I missed this one. This is modular font design at it's best. The way each character is ready to be torn-off, just like a stamp sheet...EXCELLENT.
Comment by thalamic 22nd august 2008
nice work. was going to do a solid infill on my lowercase...
Comment by Dom Nokes (domald) 30th october 2009
righteous :)
Comment by funk_king 30th october 2009
Great work. I am something like a serial lettering-to-complete set maker and I love what you did here.
Comment by igorrossi 30th october 2009
It's a pity, I don't seem to be able to use it. The only thing a see are a few geometric forms, no letters at all. I am working with MacIntosh?
Comment by Zsa Zsa 26th september 2012

@nitrada: FontStruct in use!

Comment by elmoyenique 17th august 2020
Comment by elmoyenique 17th august 2020

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