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Now kidnappers can save time and type their notes rather than cut letters from newspapers!
Info: Created on 27th May 2008 . Last edited on 23rd June 2009.
License Creative Commons
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    Very well crafted. Respect.
    Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 5th June 2008
    Ha ha! Great!

    All I need now is to kidnap someone! :)
    Comment by Em42 5th June 2008
    thanks, it was fun to make. was more time consuming than i expected, as having each letter different meant hardly any copy and pasting.
    Comment by bryndlefly 5th June 2008
    Pity you can't use keyboard shortcuts at work, eh bryndle, you'd never get any legit work done...
    Comment by intaglio 6th June 2008
    bah, working is overrated anyway
    Comment by bryndlefly 6th June 2008
    I've added some more characters. i knew ransom notes would require dollar signs, but i'd forgotten about pound and euro symbols. European kidnappers can now use this font.
    Comment by bryndlefly 12th June 2008
    added more characters
    Comment by bryndlefly 12th June 2008
    Comment by KBrizzil 22nd June 2008
    Nice design. There was (is) a font called Ransom Paste that had more diverse letters. Found it on one of those $10 font CDs. Can't find it on internet now.

    Comment by rustie 26th June 2008
    Comment by arnickbull 27th June 2008
    go here
    Comment by zacy5000 29th June 2008
    The person I kidnapped suggested including only a tiny bit of other letters to make look like it came out of a newspaper. After all, they said, that you don't just get the letter 'C' on its own in a newspaper do you?
    Comment by digitalx5 30th June 2008
    Comment by subway24 30th June 2008
    true, another version with fragments of adjacent letters could be interesting, might try it
    Comment by bryndlefly 30th June 2008
    nicley done i like it
    Comment by Emad 1st July 2008
    Very nice
    Comment by pillow98 1st July 2008
    Needless to say it is an amazing font! But if the letter was 'b' then I wouldn't have 'a' or 'c' as the fragment of the letter beside it. Great work
    Comment by digitalx5 4th July 2008
    great font! how do you get it to work on my computer?
    Comment by tomtom3000 5th July 2008
    download it, unzip it, put it somewhere like c-drive, go to start: control panel: fonts, file menu: install new font, find it and go ok. thats if your on a windows pc.
    Comment by bryndlefly 6th July 2008
    Good thing that you don't have to rip letters from your newspapers.
    Comment by JH34 6th July 2008
    I've downloaded and its corrupt!
    Comment by premierartwork 8th July 2008
    try downloading it again
    Comment by bryndlefly 8th July 2008
    whoo! I is a newbie, so this is pretty cool! :)
    Comment by Kitty-chan 12th July 2008
    bryndlefly,with the obscene cost of gas & public transit being an unreliable getaway vehicle. U'r ingenious font allowed us to budget for a HiBred SmartCar & carpool with some politicians & their mistresses - The Mob
    Comment by WalyWog 13th July 2008
    he he, glad it saved you some money. you can leave my cut, in unmarked bills, in a briefcase in the old abandoned factory...
    Comment by bryndlefly 13th July 2008
    I know the ransom note family
    Ransom note, font 123, Ransom Note
    Comic Cloned and Ransom note alternate
    Comment by JH34 6th August 2008
    Yes ....... something about Bubble Collobration
    You can make the K and L glyphs
    Comment by JH34 19th August 2008
    Amazing! Prety cool
    Comment by Axel Leyer 18th September 2008
    great !!
    I love it
    Comment by yovichii 31st October 2008
    This is great, reminds me of the old San Francisco font on a MacSE.

    However, I'm getting a corrupt .ttf on every download I try. Anyone have a fix or alt download link?
    Comment by starpause 25th May 2009
    Very cool Dada punk font. You got my 10.
    Comment by igorrossi 6th September 2009
    downloaded it. might use for novel.
    Comment by ERKERK 25th October 2009
    Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Ransom note” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
    Comment by gferreira_admin 24th December 2009
    This is the best font i have seen since i joined font struct. 5/5!
    Good Job!
    Comment by Boldface 27th January 2010
    This is pretty cool
    Comment by Random 33 21st March 2010
    great work. this font definitely requires a lot of work.:)
    Comment by naveenchandru 1st July 2010
    thanks naveen for commenting on this font because i wanted to reference for another comment :)
    Comment by funk_king 1st July 2010
    i think this was a lot of work! :)
    Comment by Caroky 5th July 2010
    Wow! been looking 4 this font all of my life. Verrry Nice. Thanx...bgs.
    Comment by Glicktype 18th August 2010
    Comment by nicca zhallue 8th May 2011
    Nice :D
    Comment by cxpress 16th July 2011
    Awesome Font, Obviously a hit!
    Comment by michael.odwyer2000 22nd January 2012
    Hahahaha!!!! I love the description! LOL! Very creative font. I love it! 10 stars!

    Comment by Mairi 18th December 2012
    This is an awesome font. I agree with Em42.
    Comment by Kradrling 10th February 2013
    XD love this!!
    Comment by Blooguy-0 18th March 2014

    I just surfed through a few comments, followed names and fonts, and arrived here. I want to add my 11/10 :)

    Comment by Aeolien 16th May 2017