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Info: Created on 29th April 2011 . Last edited on 7th May 2011.
License Creative Commons
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There are lots of little nicks in some of the joins at the moment because I can't be bothered making the necessary composite/stacks just yet.
Comment by intaglio 3rd May 2011
11! :-)
Comment by riccard0 3rd May 2011
Very promising and tough. But maybe in such a context the upper right corners of "g, u, y", and the upper left corner of "n" are too much straight and rectangular.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 3rd May 2011
10/10... in my view, one of the very best fonstructions!.. looking forward to the full set
Comment by jirinvk 3rd May 2011
Whoa, doggy! That’s some octagonal awesomeness.

So much more dynamic, these octagons, when they stand on point rather than rest on a side. Capitals are looking great, too!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd May 2011
WOW. Just WOW. This is good. This is really good.

Reminds me of Comic Sans (although that isn't something to be proud of)--although it still is absolutely great. This is very, very good.

I can hardly wait to see the finished product!
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 3rd May 2011
I am thinking the x would benefit from widening. Oh, by the way 10/10, of course! ;)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd May 2011
one of my faves of yours. i really like the look of this
Comment by kix 3rd May 2011
Thanks everybody. Isn't it a mystery when you latch onto something that seems to be a winner from the first glyph. It's like you're plonking the bricks down in your sleep. The difficult glyphs don't offer any objections, the spacing seems to behave itself, potential disparity between caps and lower case melts away...
Of course there are niggles, but with this one I'm confident I'll get round them.
FS I love you. Today.
Comment by intaglio 3rd May 2011
New Zealand has truly crappy internet. I daren't work on the font at the moment because everything is grinding along at a glacial pace. I'm scared of corrupting the file. And for this I pay top dollar.
Comment by intaglio 4th May 2011
I take my brain out to you (it's a joke). Beautiful font.
Comment by elmoyenique 4th May 2011
I've come over all unnecessary. There's personality and then there's an excess of it. What shall I tone down?
Comment by intaglio 5th May 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “effigy” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th May 2011
st vitus — what a wonderful name for this fontstruction! :)
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 5th May 2011
Lovely octagonal letter shapes in your unmistakable style. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 5th May 2011
Ah, for the endless zeal of youth...
Comment by intaglio 7th May 2011
I don't know how many of you remember "The Flintstones", but this reminds me of that! I almost can hear Fred calling out for Wilma. :-)
Comment by jphturtle 13th September 2012
I don't know what effigy means (i'm 10 years old) but this font is AWESOME! 10/10+fav
Comment by Noah (winty5) 29th January 2013

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