IsoMatrix 3D

by geneus1

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Mostly inspired by the video game QBert, which was, I'm sure, partly inspired by M. C. Escher. IsoMatrix was a font long before Fontstruct, and was much harder to realize with bricks than vectors. This one is shared thanks to the intricate 3D output of the following fontstructors: shasta's Escheresk, frodo's Hommage a Escher, and funk king's Soma. It is also released for Em42, because it was created purely with the original set of bricks that Fontstruct started out with.


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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Comment by geneus1 8th august 2009
Wow! A real blast from the past. The B is great ... I fell off it several times :-)
Comment by p2pnut 8th august 2009
Bless my beard, it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us. May it inspire many FS novices to come. Great demo graphic too. I don't know how do you manage to have time for that. Some letters are very close or identical to mine, as I expected. Some of them represent a more elegant solution, I have to admit. Well, it would deserve a full review, but I let others to do it. Congratulations.
Comment by Frodo7 8th august 2009
Comment by Magic Sam 8th august 2009
masterful. thank you for sharing this - one of your previously unreleased gems. i think its name is as imaginative as the font - well not quite :) you have skillfully taken isometric design concepts and seamlessly meshed them with impossible angles and injected the fun of qbert. as usual, beyond the sense of immediacy your work possesses, it must also be savored. although never a big gamer, i did play a little qbert back in the day and this contains some nice references from the game as seen in E, V, and 0 in particular and generally throughout. i think your D is like the perfect impossible angle glyph. i also think the shading effect you use becomes an integral part of the font and definitely enhances its overall impact.

like frodo7 has stated - these ideas were around before escher and other artists/designers have used this style as well. vasarely is more comtemporary and has some well know pieces - although i think his work is not as organic in a sense as escher and probably would be considered more pop. anyway, congrats on a great design and i hope we see more treasures from the vault :)

i don't see this font when i display the everything page. i think you mentioned this somewhere, but the gallery used to display fonts on the everything page by share date, now i think it goes by last change date or something else - an i don't think the system counts a comment as an edit although i think it did before. if you haven't edited the font lately, then it may be buried somewhere. you may want to edit it to get it to show up on a more recent page. of course, it could just be me, so sorry if nobody else is having this issue. i got here by the link on the live page.
Comment by funk_king 9th august 2009
For those of us who've spawned a whole mess of fonts -- Admin, take pity on us and figure out some way we can retrieving a font without having to go to page [I don't know, I've got to trawl through e...
Comment by intaglio 9th august 2009
... hah hah! each one until I hit upon it....
Comment by intaglio 9th august 2009
@tag - ha, i hear ya. i think maybe we need a way to bookmark fonts within fs and/or have a custom page where we can select different fonts to display - our own or others. gus said copying and pasting was coming. i'd also like to see a move function where you can globally move all glyphs in a set - up, down, left or right. and maybe a way within a font to copy lc to uc or uc to lc. that's all :)
Comment by funk_king 9th august 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “IsoMatrix 3D” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 27th august 2009
Superb design!

It's great to see how each font is different and has a personality of its own in spite of the similarities in the concept.

@funk_king: I agree with you, the 'Everything' list should be ordered by sharing date. I'll have a look at it.

@intaglio: Yes, something like 'MyFavorites' is on the roadmap. Meanwhile you can find it on the Top Picks gallery. ;-)
Comment by gferreira_admin 27th august 2009
Ha ha, thanks for bringing some purism back! ;)
Comment by Em42 28th august 2009
Comment by thalamic 22nd november 2011
Comment by vidativa 18th november 2013
Aww, this looks great but can't download anymore :[
Comment by dingdongdingalong 23rd june 2014


Comment by Robbydigital 10th december 2017

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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