en simple serif

by naveenchandru

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Simple, neat, serifed font with basic latin characters. Comments/suggestions are welcome :)


I think the 'k' stands out a bit, but what an awesome font!
Comment by Tylo 22nd august 2010
I'm trying to create other glyphs too.
Comment by naveenchandru 24th august 2010
I like it very much! If you are able to add uppercase and some punctuation etc., I think this font could go well for a Top Pick, in my opinion.
Comment by Frederic F. (Star Script Writer) 10th october 2010
Thanks for your comment!
I am happy you liked it. Other glyphs are under construction.
Comment by naveenchandru 11th october 2010
Really nice!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 28th may 2011
Plenty of work. I think, you could make the design more consistent by eliminating the few remaining sharp endings and make them rounded (f,g,r,t,y), plus add a few missing serifs. There are some jagged contours/missing bricks repeated many times throughout the set by cut-and-paste operations.
Comment by Frodo7 28th may 2011
@Agent Demonic Ladybug:Thanks! I have added many more glyphs.
@Frodo7: Huge Thanks for your comment and pointing the mistakes here. This is some irresponsible fontstruction by me.
I have made changes and added other characters. What do you think about the newly added characters?
Comment by naveenchandru 29th may 2011
This is pretty clean work. 4 is standing out a little because of two serifs. I think the serif in the base of "4" is fine, goes well with the design, but not the one at the side. Try removing the crossbar from "0". I am loving "a" "e" "s". A great font I must say.
Comment by snhussain 29th may 2011
Very clean and attractive characters. It’s already great! Some various minor things you may want to consider:

• Apply some trapping to where the two curves meet on your B and both sides of your 8.

• Shift the beak on your S to the left until optically balanced with the (potential) overshoot below it. Also applies to G. Lowercase seems to work well without this optical correction.

• L feels a bit too wide. D, G, O, Q, T feel a bit too narrow. Y could use a lower crotch like M (at least like X).

• e, m, o, w look too narrow. c, v, x appear slightly too wide.

• I suggest you remove the serifs from the bottom of V and v. The lower right serif on N is too big and/or unnecessary.

• You can get away with the creative Mm pairing, but I think Ss and Ww need to be more closely aligned. S is easy, just stick with the cool angled spine of s (whichever angle is most appropriate, that is). If you can’t make a fitting w with straight lines, give it the lower-right serif of your u.

• Try raising the ascender height for b, d, h, k, l by one brick.

• You may want to match the ascender treatment on these characters to your l (ell).

• In fact, and this is a stylistic choice, the baseline serifs on your lowercase (h, k, m, n) can be similarly one-sided. Take m for example: the left-most vertical stroke should terminate in a symmetrical serif, but the middle and right-most strokes can terminate in serifs that points only to the right. Done properly, this makes for more attractive and dynamic forms and improves legibility.

These are all my opinions, and very nit-picky critiques at that. But I feel strongly that such a promising and already successful design deserves equally diligent revision and refinement!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 29th may 2011
Wonderful. I agree with @snhussain – Have you thought about a zero without the crossbar? - maybe just narrower to distinguish it from the O?
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 30th may 2011
@snhussain: Thank You for your suggestions! :)
Comment by naveenchandru 30th may 2011
@meek: yes! I am going to work on it. Let us see how it comes out.
Comment by naveenchandru 30th may 2011
@will.i.ૐ: I was surprised to see your very very long comment. Thanks!!
This shows that you are an expert in typography and also a good person. Certainly this work needs refinement. I shall solve the issues one by one.
Comment by naveenchandru 30th may 2011
You’re more than welcome, Naveen! This fontstruction is already outstanding in its details and deserves every bit of attention I gave.

Just have to say I simply love your use of curved bricks to soften the serifs and other angles where possible. Such a small choice in scale, but so utterly effective in giving en simple serif character. :)

Please take my critiques under consideration and feel empowered to make the final calls as you see fit. I thank you for your kind words and look forward to future editions!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 30th may 2011
This fontstruction has been much improved.
several updates:
4 modified
0 has been made narrower without a crossbar
Trapping done for B,3,8
S,C modified to fit s,c respectively
D,G,O,Q widened
Y crotch modified
V,v bottom serif removed
N also modified
b, d, h, k, l height increased
m,w,e,o widened
v,x modified to look narrower
Comment by naveenchandru 30th may 2011
I just can't believe that I created this! Looks great in my system
Comment by naveenchandru 30th may 2011
TP or not TP it's a Greeeeeat font!
Comment by elmoyenique 30th may 2011
Yes, it looks great. I very much like the caps. I agree with will.i.ૐ, the V,v looks better without the baseline serif; some places you could try using half-serifs. It's a matter of taste, exercise your discretion. Congratulations. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 30th may 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “en simple serif” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 30th may 2011
Congrats for the TP!
Comment by elmoyenique 30th may 2011
@naveenchandru: It looks great on my system as well. That could only be because it is great. :-)
Comment by thalamic 30th may 2011
Looks great! Only 1 suggestion.
Maybe add trapping (correct term?) to the m. I honestly don't love the current style.
10/10 anyways. Superb.
Comment by BanjoZebra 31st may 2011
@elmoyenique: Thanks for your kind words:)
@Frodo7: Again Thanks!!! Its You who inspired me to complete the whole set
@meek: Thanks for the Top Pick
@thalamic: lol :D. Is my comment so silly? :-)
@BanjoZebra: Thanks for your suggestion. I thought of improving the m. But, left it as it is because it is the characteristic glyph of this font.

As of now basic latin set has been completed.
Comment by naveenchandru 31st may 2011
Comment by naveenchandru 4th june 2011
Comment by naveenchandru 4th june 2011
Absolutely Magnifique !
very very strong work here BRAVO!
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 4th june 2011
@Upixel: Look at the ends of the lines... Fine and Fantastics!
Comment by elmoyenique 4th june 2011
@Upixel: Look at the ends of the glyphs (I want said)... Fine and Fantastics! (damnxwq@=% sorry 4 my inept english!)
Comment by elmoyenique 6th june 2011
This is looking like a Masterpiece to me now. Thank you for appreciating the suggestions. The samples are looking great, very typographic and going well. Congrats on this awesome font. :D
Comment by snhussain 11th june 2011
Tell me how the make something like this!!??
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 14th june 2011
Good job! I'm a beginner and wish I could do as well!...
Comment by LoveHorses 17th june 2011

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