fs Overlap

by minimum

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Comment by minimum 22nd january 2010
A polychromatic delight :)
Comment by p2pnut 22nd january 2010
Gooood :))
Comment by lord_fauntleroy 22nd january 2010
I've never seen before overlapping "semitransparent" letters. In a bold move you've broke established old rules, and expanded the horizons of typespace. Is it the beginning of a new avant-garde? 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 22nd january 2010
Great idea, bang up to date and very usable.
Comment by djnippa 23rd january 2010
excellent! --- hey how do you modify chinese character fonts?
Comment by ghurl 23rd january 2010
OMG, Ata!
Another beauty out of your bag of tricks.
Comment by cayo 24th january 2010
Thank you, kind sirs. I don't need to tell you guys how awesome FontStruct is. You get an idea, you go do it. Almost like instant feedback.

@ray: I know the rainbow was a 70s throwback, I just wanted to show how different color would interact with each other to form new colors.

@mr.baggins: It's fake transparency. :-)

@NCD: minimum finally does a usable font. hell must've frozen over. ;-)

@ghurl: Thank you. I'm not sure what your question is exactly.

@cayo: This is one of those throw-away fonts, shared just because. I'm not sure what utility it may provide. Thanks for liking it.
Comment by minimum 27th january 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs Overlap” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 31st january 2010
Smashing idea. I think the shapes stand alone even when not overlapped. I really dig the negative space created when you set words. Lots of different shapes to be had depending on the letter combinations. Looks fantastic in simple B&W too.
Comment by afrojet 31st january 2010
Love the overlapping with the AX combo.
Comment by afrojet 31st january 2010
could be called shadow and light. seems so simple, yet it is so much more. and very contemporary. quite wonderful.
Comment by funk_king 1st february 2010
Thanks, afrojet. The negative shapes is all this fontstruction is about. It is clearly a work-in-process. Lots of problems with the letters, especially in the overall consistency of glyph optical widths, stem thickness, etc. I rushed it out because I couldn't wait to share it. Maybe I'm not such a perfectionist after all. :-)

Thanks, funkking. Overlap is not a very good name, I agree. Too literal. Maybe I should learn from JoyDivision/NewOrder/Electronic and name it something esoteric. Shadow and Light is very becoming.
Comment by minimum 1st february 2010
Comment by jmarquez 1st february 2010
very nice... wish I had thought of this :)
Comment by Andrew Lockhart (rockhart) 6th february 2010
Fantastic !!!
Usefull for a great poster :D
Comment by jmarrufo 12th february 2010
An excellent idea, brilliantly executed. Two thumbs good.
Comment by chr.s 12th february 2010
great! but... it would be even better with some accented letters. :)
Comment by david t 14th february 2010
I'm consistently impressed by your ability to take the fontstructor to new experimental levels, Ata. Inspiring and thought provoking.
Comment by geneus1 20th march 2010
Comment by larrizajoy 28th september 2011
Comment by larrizajoy 28th september 2011
Comment by larrizajoy 28th september 2011
@larrizajoy: Download the font, put it into MS Word or your word processor of choice and change font color.

This is an awesome font. Must've taken a lot of work.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 25th december 2012

Or, you can become a patron, learn how layers work, figure out the colors, then clone this.

Comment by Nathan Douglas (Yellow Candy 8432) Sun, 21st may

There is nearly no support for FS color fonts outside of FS itself and I think Glyphs 

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 21st may

I think it's the SVG format that FontStruct uses for color

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Mon, 22nd may

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