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This feels very bad; it's the first time I'm betraying my oath never to use the grid to feign bezier curves, and one of the few times I betray my principle only to publish complete character sets. At least there is a chance to make amends on the second treason, but this font still deserves it's name: Tradita. (Italian for betrayed)

Alternative a and z on the lowercase. I'll probably add more characters soon enough, but it's unlikely to get an uppercase set.


How can it be bad, when it feels so good. :)
Comment by aphoria 5th april 2010
Totally agree with aphoria. This is awsome. Clean, a bit technoid, and far more original and well crafted than most of the generally ugly paperclip fonts. Good work.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 5th april 2010
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 6th april 2010
The sample confirms, Tradita is a beauty ! Sometimes it is a good thing to let our own rules evolve !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 6th april 2010
Welcome to the dark-side shasta :)

A very readable and characterful design.
Comment by p2pnut 6th april 2010
unique and inventive. i would second neurone error's line 'sometimes it is a good thing to let our own rules evolve.' so if you don't ever do another 'fake bezier' font, perhaps you have it out of your system. but more likely, this will lead you to other 'fake bezier' fonts, which is really not a bad thing :)
Comment by funk_king 6th april 2010
The welcome on the dark side sure is cordial... ;) Thanks for the comments, glad you like it!

I totally agree with neurone error and funk_king that we shouldn't be too stubborn about our own rules, and that we should let them evolve sometimes... Especially if they're only based on stupid perfectionism that keeps us from doing something great just because it's not 100% perfect.
I guess the reason why I have so long refused to do bezier-fakes here is because I think it's a pity to see so many great ideas that really deserve to be professionally executed in a "real" font design program struggle their way through the grid. I always wanted my fonts to be 100% usable and complete, not only second-best concept sketches describing what I would have wanted it to be if I was able to do them with professional software. Which can be pretty hard with the restrictions of the grid. And I was afraid that the satisfaction of getting good feedback with "grid sketches" alone would satisfy me enough to lose the drive to learn a "real" font design program someday to do "perfect" executions of those ideas.
But since I just haven't found any easy-to-use and affordable font software so far, I figured I could just as well come over to the dark side and learn the dark art of bezier-faking...:)

(By the way, I know that's a lot of quotation marks in so short a note... Just didn't want to offend anyone by calling bezier-imitating fonts imperfect, or fontstruct an insufficient software. Heaven forbid.:) )
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 6th april 2010
Letters with graceful bends and curves defying brick nature. How about having a traditional "z" leaning backward a little? Nice demo pic with yellow-green clouds. (Also sprach Zarathustra.) 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 6th april 2010
My favorite z is certainly without a doubt the main z, it is really awsome ! But the alternate solution proposed by Frodo seems more logic and effective, I think
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 7th april 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Tradita” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 9th april 2010

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