Tennessine Slab

by Frodo7

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Tennessine: superheavy element of the periodic table named after the US state Tennessee. Symbol: Ts, atomic number: 117, atomic weight: 294. It is a radioactive element artificially produced by fusing berkelium and calcium atoms.


Comment by Frodo7 Sat, 25th june

Everything about this is phenomenal 10/10

Comment by tortoiseshell Sun, 26th june
Comment by Frodo7 Sun, 26th june

Superb superheavy slab, Maestro! Instant fav.

Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 26th june

Doesn't look very legible at small sizes, but still readable

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 26th june

I just noticed that my keyboard skipped a "t" when typing after postng the sample I made

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 26th june


Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 26th june

@ tortoiseshell, elmoyenique, and Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM): Thank you for your comments and generous ratings. This font is designed for headlines and short bits of texts in large sizes. It is not recommended for long passages in small sizes. 

It took me a week to complete the extended Latin set. A separate Cyrillic set has been created, but it won't be ready for this competition.

Comment by Frodo7 Sun, 26th june
Comment by Frodo7 Mon, 27th june

Dear Frodo, 
Bam! This is a real heavy piece of work. Here, each character uses the space that was given to him. Each character - a statement. 
The superscript and subscript figures are very well placed and emphasize the strength of this font even more. 10/10.

Comment by beate Mon, 27th june

wow! looks great! - 10/10

Comment by blu. Mon, 27th june

@Beate: Thank you for your kind comment and rating. Yes, you hit the nail on the head with your statement. Someone said about heavy fonts, that it means leaving very little white space. Apart from the sub- and superscript, I made a third set of small numbers sitting on the baseline. Combining these, and the superscript numbers, plus the forward slash in between, one can create any possible fractions. Anglo-Saxons love fractions. Europeans prefer decimals.

It was a good practice and learning opportunity to make all extended Latin characters. Tennessine Slab now supports Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, and Latin Extended-A Unicode blocks. There are a few omissions: ʼn, IJ, and ij, as they can be generated easily from existing characters with better spacing. I'm not sure about the ¶ (pilcrow) symbol. It would be such a monster glyph. Given the heavy nature of this font, designed for headlines mostly, there would be hardly any practical use for it.

Comment by Frodo7 Mon, 27th june

Beautiful work, very useable and so consistent and complete!

Comment by four Wed, 29th june

The asterisk (outline view, blue) approximates the angles of a regular pentagon (superimposed, pink) reasonably well.

Comment by Frodo7 Fri, 15th july
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Tennessine Slab” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Wed, 20th july

Congratulations, Maestro!

Comment by elmoyenique Wed, 20th july

@Rob Meek: thank you for the special mention and the pink star.

Comment by Frodo7 Thu, 21st july

I replaced the commas with a heavier version. They look a lot better.

Comment by Frodo7 Thu, 21st july

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