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The letters are painted on what are literally ten ton weights.

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sat, 11th june

an interesting interpretation of "heavy"

Comment by frongile Sat, 11th june

I have an idea: Why not make the marked weights equal to the decimal Unicode code point? e.g. the capital A is 65 tons, the lowercase a is 97 tons, etc.

funny enough, this was the first thing that came to my mind after reading the blog post on Heavycomp

Comment by mgUdit Mon, 13th june

@japanyoshi If I put the codepoint in decimal as the weight in tons, then the weights would be too heavy to even hold by the strongest rope.

@everyone Thanks. The font was named TenTon because of how heavy the weights were. The letters themselves are painted onto the weights. 19.9klb is roughly 10 tons of weight. I thought "what could be the heaviest thing I could think of", I went with the ten ton weights.

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Mon, 13th june

Here's a suggestion: to distinct uppercase from lowercase, but lowercase on 5 ton weights.

Comment by JaceFonts Thu, 23rd june

@JaceFonts I got the name from ten ton weights, if I made loweracse using five ton weights, then the font wouldn't be called "TenTon", but I can create actual lowercase letters, like so:

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Fri, 24th june

Lowercase added. (Corrected capitalization in sample)

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Fri, 24th june

The only thing I don't like is that lowercase 'g' is way too wide.

Something like this maybe?

Comment by AFontAbove Sat, 25th june

@AFontAbove I made the lowercase g on there narrower, but your suggestion was too narrow for my liking. I put the original in the PUA.

Comment by Bryndan W Meyerholt (BWM) Sat, 25th june

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