fs Bas Relief

by minimum
See also fs Lead (Pb) by minimum.

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.


Comment by minimum 7th august 2009
Oh, what a relief it is! Brill, minimum! Nice touch on the sparkly N.
Comment by geneus1 7th august 2009
A mastery of bevel. And a nice glint. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 7th august 2009
Ouch! Solid Chrome, with glints already attached. 10/10.

I'd maybe increase the 'SPACE' a little more, it looks a little tight between words.

Could you have squeezed a lower case out of this layout?
Comment by djnippa 7th august 2009
stunning and smooth. lc would be interesting or perhaps have alternate version with more of them fantastic glints on the glyphs - it would be nice to randomly place them in text :) stiller killer work dude.
Comment by funk_king 7th august 2009
stiller stellar - you know what i mean :)
Comment by funk_king 7th august 2009
Thanks, all.

This one was a fluke. I was playing around on a completely different font and one of the experimental letters turned into the first of this. Had to abandon that font to complete this one. The sparkle was a spur of the moment experimental addition.

@dj: I started the lowercase at your suggestion, then I remembered why I didn't do it in the beginning: too many bricks.

Then again, the font doesn't download anyway. I might just finish the lowercase. The s and z will be tricky though. Lets see...

The sample is a screen grab manipulation in Photoshop.
Comment by minimum 7th august 2009
They really need to increase the storage buffer for blocks. Everyone at the moment seems to pushing thing to them max. It's like we've hit a 'brick' wall!

If you do the lower case, I also see 's' & 'e' being a little squeezed in - but I'm sure you'll have a killer solution..... no pressure there then!
Comment by djnippa 7th august 2009
well i think you should apply the genenus1 (i think) rule here of starting with the s or x. as it is now i think you could squeeze the s, x, and z in, but i think if you raise the basic height of the lc you should be ok :)
Comment by funk_king 7th august 2009
Comment by minimum 7th august 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Bas Relief ” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 7th august 2009
Good job, minimum. I like the shading.
Comment by starburst 7th august 2009
Superb job on the lower case.
Increase the "SPACE" between words to half the letter width.
The new 's' is much better, but it's a shame you can't get a tighter corner on it. I'm sure you've tried.

Any news as to why this can't be downloaded?
Comment by djnippa 8th august 2009
Fantastic ... it almost makes me want to eat it.
Comment by p2pnut 8th august 2009
The 3-D is perfect. The N glint is also a very nice touch.
Comment by jinx 8th august 2009
so i have to ask - have you tried splitting the file into separate uc and lc to see if it would dl? just a pity no one can download such a beauty :(
Comment by funk_king 9th august 2009
Thanks again, everyone. Nice of everyone to appreciate this font purely on design alone.

@dj: Space fixed.

@funk_king: This font didn't even download when during development it was just A-Z. To make it downloadable, it will probably need to be split in four. It would be silly to type one word using four fonts. If anyone wants to use it, it will just have to be UserInput into the previewer and PrintScreen/Grab/Snip over to Photoshop.

Come to think of it, all my fonts are pretty useless. I have no idea what purpose they serve. Just call me futility_king. ;)
Comment by minimum 9th august 2009
You blew me away with this, minimum!
Comment by SquarePeg 9th august 2009
Nice one!
Comment by JoeAllison 9th august 2009
ok mr. futility_king, i guess something is better than nothing. but it's like being tantalus to the water of this great work. but i guess really no better for you :( so that's a pretty cool name - pretty useless fonts and could provide just the right amount of irony for what we do - for isn't the idea of a font itself pretty useless? and it could be argued all the great fonts have already been created. and not even using a real font editor? pashaw. so what any of us does is pretty useless my friend. but oh the joy derived from such a pointless diversion :)
Comment by funk_king 11th august 2009
re downloadability.
I can say a little bit about why it can't be downloaded. It's not just the many bricks. It's the fact that they don't touch. This means the final font contains thousands of separate outlines and is therefore very big. Assembling these is too much for the font generator at the moment. It runs out of resources. I think there is a solution, but it's not a quick fix (no dial to turn) so I'm afraid people will have to be patient on this.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th august 2009
Have tried several times to download this gorgeous file, only to have it consistently show as being "not a valid font file" after uncompressing. Anyone having this same issue currently? Also, is there another location where the file can be downloaded? Thank you for sharing your creation[s] with us and for (I hope) assisting!
Comment by SuzyWoo2 15th november 2009
Thanks for liking the fontstruction, SuzyWoo.

As for downloading, the only advice is to not download it. The reason is, the gray is achieved by using smaller than the full block square. That results in each letter being made up of a lot (a LOT) of individual squares. If you install it, it will eat all your system processor time just to render it and your system will hang.

The way to get around it to do what I did to create the samples. Click 'View' in the preview window above and type what you need. Then use PrintScreen to create an image copy of this page in the clipboard. You can then use Photoshop (or some other image editing software) to isolate the letters as you want. Crop the image to just slightly larger than the letters, then I used the MagicWand to select the background white with 'Contiguous' on, 'Anti-alias' off and 'Tolerance' set to zero and Shift+Click the insides of A D and B, then Ctrl+Shift+I to select the inverse which should result selecting only the letters. Use Ctrl+U to colorize the text. Then you can save the file as PNG to preserve transparency of the background. Insert wherever you need it.

Comment by minimum 15th november 2009
How did I miss this masterpiece? Even if it can't be downloaded, it should have received nothing but 10s! (Obviously, it puts my own faux-beveled font to shame.)
Comment by fontcollector 15th november 2009
Comment by JonathanPDX 15th january 2010
Guys, the file can be downloaded. At first, I was thinking the same thing. But I waited on the page for over 5 minutes, and eventually it came up. Hope this helps, thanks.

Comment by pwnedka@gmail.com 17th february 2010
Thanks for liking the font to such an extent. Appreciate it.
Comment by minimum 17th february 2010
awesome popout effect. i need to learn how to do that
Comment by Justin Wanke (Jr.McMelonpants) 27th march 2010
WOW! I love it but not the q...
Im going to download it.
Comment by Drgrit 12th april 2010
Nice grayscale work!
Comment by Juan Casco (DarkoJuan) 15th april 2010
how were u able to shade it in the fontstruct?
Comment by xXTacoXx 23rd november 2010
how do I do to put a font in oppen office ? I really like this fonts but I cant use them :(
Comment by PIZAHUT 11th december 2010
muy buena
Comment by JaimeCEY 21st december 2010
Awesome 3D effect.
Comment by Tha_Pig 13th march 2011
Ingenious work of font art. I'd give it 10 stars but as it seems, I can only go up to 5. I'll just upload another 5 next to my comment. ^^
Comment by games101301 16th march 2011
D: It didnt work! :(
Comment by games101301 16th march 2011
Thanks, games. your comment is worth 20 stars. :-)
Comment by minimum 16th march 2011
This is so cool I wish I coould rate it 100,000,000,000,000 stars. It looks like it took forever.
Comment by epicness754 2nd april 2011
I like your fs Bas Relief font and want to adapt it to a .eot font, so I can embed it into a personal web page and into email messages, but the Microsoft WEFT tool won't process it for some reason. Is there something in the font code that will accomodate its use as an eot font?
Comment by retiro 14th april 2011
Comment by weegee205@youtube 16th june 2011
Comment by yasseenfaik 21st august 2011
English: Thanks for your font. your font will be used in the game: Grand Theft Urban.

Español: Gracias por su fuente. la fuente se utilizará en el juego: Grand Theft Urban.

Português: Obrigado por sua fonte. a fonte será usada no jogo: Grand Theft Urban.
Comment by chutao 12th february 2012
English: Thanks for your font. your font will be used in the game: Grand Theft Urban.

Español: Gracias por su fuente. la fuente se utilizará en el juego: Grand Theft Urban.

Português: Obrigado por sua fonte. a fonte será usada no jogo: Grand Theft Urban.
Comment by chutao 12th february 2012
Your font can no longer be used in the game Grand Theft Urban for lack of lyrics: ° ª ¹ ² ³ § 0 ã á à â é è ê í ì î ç ó ò ô õ ú ù û $. If you complete the font, let the e-mail from João Paulo Games: joaopaulogames@hotmail.com.br
Comment by chutao 12th february 2012
What. The. ****. How do you do that? It's epic. 100,000,000/10.
Comment by anonymous-0 28th october 2012
Wow! Very 3-D! How did you do that?

Comment by Mairi 18th december 2012
This font slow down my computer programs like GIMP or Inkscape because of its lots of details.
But it works fine in Paint :)
Comment by kardaw 2nd september 2013
Very Awesome Minimum! :-) a very tasteful font indeed... Great job on the sleek clean look...
Comment by Yardbird240 10th may 2014

genial men

Comment by ORLANDOMEN 12th august 2019


Comment by ORLANDOMEN 16th february 2020

i attempted to download and install this font... but IT LITTERALY ALMOST CRASHED MY COMPUTER!!!!!

Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 24th december 2020


Comment by SwedishTypeCorporation 23rd december 2021

could not install it...

Comment by lucapri 29th january 2023

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