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Caps Only Monospaced picture font. Complete with Chrome gloss and "Sin City" style shadows. <>()[]{} are openers and closers. Maybe it should be renamed Rolld.


I am speechless. Fortunately, it speaks for itself.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 22nd april 2008
10 Points! That’s so amazing. You made my day. [Now I’m waiting for the “Another brick in the wall” extension.]
Comment by Ivo-0 22nd april 2008
Definitely a 10!
Comment by wolfkrim 23rd april 2008
wow. great!
Comment by romibello 23rd april 2008
Great! I heart your font!
Comment by hellotheresa 23rd april 2008
Spellbound. Incredible to see what can be done with just a couple simple shapes. This one will be hard to top!
Comment by nemoorange 23rd april 2008
Thank you all for your comments. This one literally gave me a headache. Discovering song chart memes helped a lot.
Comment by geneus1 24th april 2008
I really like this one, made to order for a "City" feel, I also think it has an "American" look, almost Stars and Stripes?
Comment by penguin133 25th april 2008
Definitely the luxurious brother of filmstryp
Comment by Em42 1st may 2008
Did you really that font with fontstruct?
Comment by cybear 4th may 2008
Very...Very...very NICE!!!!
Comment by dottyb 6th may 2008
Oh, by the way....I think the name Brick'd fits it well.
Comment by dottyb 6th may 2008
Really inspiring stuff!
Comment by mikec2 9th may 2008
Wow. It's amazing how you matched up those bricks to all of the letters. 10 out of 10, no doubt.
Comment by Rockycrox 10th may 2008
I love this font it is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by bluerox234 10th may 2008
Great idea!
Comment by richard_ma 10th may 2008
Comment by BM5k 13th may 2008
Comment by jeffersoncb. 14th may 2008
I spent a whole day today to create my first all caps font. I don't want to know how many days this wonderful font did cost you! Super work of font-art!
Comment by marcusmeisel 22nd may 2008
i know im gonna sound stupid but how do i use this font??????
Comment by IISMOKE A LOTII 30th may 2008
Very creative and styled. Worth +10
Comment by al_x 2nd june 2008
WOW! nice work! You must put LOADSS of effort into it- NICE,FAB...FANTASTIC..WOW!!!
Comment by Sweetcupcake 2nd june 2008
Thank you all for your generous comments. As this design has inspired you, your words inspire me. And to question if it was created in FontStruct is a great comment not only to myself, but to the capabilities of the FontStruct software.

Its funny how Brikd was started with the thought, "What can I make with these new rectangular bricks? I know: Bricks!"
Comment by geneus1 3rd june 2008
it's great
Comment by tyu78eddy 4th june 2008
Wow thats amazing job and the messages with some of the lower case letters are cool too i give it a 10/10.
Comment by fontzor 6th june 2008
hello people
I am brazilian and I don"t speak English very well
Como eu faço o download dessas fontes e depois boto elas no meu computador ?
thank you
Comment by DinhoO VascainoO 8th june 2008
Wow! How did you do that? That must've taken like a month!
Comment by xyzzy 28th june 2008
Great font! This is the best one I have seen so far
Comment by subway24 29th june 2008
I think this font needs some more punctuation, numbers and lowercase letters
Comment by JH34 6th july 2008
Further description. Now including numbers
Comment by JH34 2nd august 2008
And more further description. Also including some new puncuation
Comment by JH34 2nd august 2008
But i still think it needs lowercase letters
Comment by JH34 2nd august 2008
Admittedly I was disappointed to read it was caps only, but it sure was a fun surprise to see what you put in their place.
Comment by invisiblescaper 5th september 2008
i just realized these are RICK ASTLEY lyrics!

Comment by kix 6th september 2008
Thanks for the comments!

@JH34: It was so long since I worked on this font that I thought I did the numbers already. Thanks for the reminder.

@invisiblescaper: Gotta love that Rick Roll! Unfortunately there will not be a lowercase. When I updated the font with numbers after the improvements to the Font Generator, it reminded me how difficult this was to fontstruct. It's not simply cut and paste because the bricks are so tightly integrated. A change in one brick means a potential change in the outline, brick pattern, and brick shadow. It gets confusing really quickly. And any descenders will throw off the floor shadows.

@kix: Ha! I gotta thank youtube for the Rick Roll inspiration as well.
Comment by geneus1 7th september 2008
wow! how long did it take
Comment by webj 11th october 2008
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Brikd” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009

Comment by ingie912 23rd november 2011
Comment by ronel 27th may 2012

It's timeless and gorgeous. Glad I logged in because this was worth the trouble alone.

Comment by letstrythis 14th october 2019


Comment by ORLANDOMEN 15th february 2020

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