by jmarquez

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

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Osoyotoyo Regular. Based on True Events.


Inspired on an existing non commercial Typeface, maybe you can find out which one.

ps: diacritics will be here soon.
Comment by jmarquez 26th march 2009
Very nice.
Comment by afrojet 26th march 2009
this is superb :)
maybe the stroke of that Q is a bit "massive"...
Comment by kix 26th march 2009
Classy diagonal serifs. Nice!
Comment by thalamic 26th march 2009
THX for your comments!

@kix: you might be right about that "Q", I'll see if I can make it less "massive", no promises though :)
Comment by jmarquez 26th march 2009
Nice work. Particularly like the a,b,m,n,s & r.
Not keen on that Q though.
K & R are also a bit odd.
It may be me, but I really don't get on with small numerals. They've never worked on any design job I've done.
Comment by djnippa 26th march 2009
Small or oldstyle numerals are best in running text, which I don't imagine is the intended use for this font.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 26th march 2009
I changed the "Q", "K" and "R" will remain as they are for now.
About the numerals I see what you mean, i'll try to make them taller, but not shore it will work.
Comment by jmarquez 27th march 2009
Numbers updated...hope you like them.
Comment by jmarquez 27th march 2009
Very nice. Love the K, a, g, and m.

The numerals are good too.
Comment by aphoria 27th march 2009
Very elegant and modern. Really cool, too. I second aphoria: nice K. And I have a crush with your Q.
Comment by cayo 29th march 2009
THX Aphoria and Cayo.
Making this grid allowed me to do things I didn’t think possible in FS before
(I guess bigger means better, lol).
By the way I updated the “4” and “*”.
Comment by jmarquez 30th march 2009
Excellent *.
Comment by aphoria 30th march 2009
Can anyone see, or actually download this font?
Because I think it’s corrupted, so I would appreciate if no one voted it while it’s like that.
Comment by jmarquez 2nd april 2009
Weird, I can't see it in the viewer or download it.
Comment by aphoria 2nd april 2009
Yeah, I think it got corrupted or something when the FS server was in maintenance this week, FS Staff is looking in to it, Really Hope they can fix it :(
Comment by jmarquez 2nd april 2009
i hope they can fix the problem with the fonts. i have 4 in the same boat :( this is one of your best and very commercial
Comment by funk_king 5th april 2009
All back to normal... :)
hope yours are ok too Funk King, thx for the comment.
Comment by jmarquez 7th april 2009
I'm a big fan of this font, I really like the fact that it has a techish look & feel without being really overboard about it. I don't find the K or R to be odd, but that's just me. Great job!
Comment by mrbinary 14th april 2009
Sorry for the bad form in immediately re-posting but I had no trouble downloading the font.
Comment by mrbinary 14th april 2009
@ mrbinary: THX for your kind words.
FS staff have fix the problem so everyone can download now.
Comment by jmarquez 14th april 2009
beautiful! could think of so many stylish print applications for this. and then with such a complete character set... a very useful fontstruction that can easily compete with similar non-modular fontstructions. (and that's one of the highest compliments i can give here...;) )
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 23rd july 2009
non-modular fontstructions... shit, i think my brain's slowly getting fontstructionized.

i mean non-modular fonts of course.
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 23rd july 2009
thx for the comment Shasta!
Comment by jmarquez 23rd july 2009

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