K.Y. Pixel Basic/Sans Serif

by KyYay

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"yesh moar pixel fontz"



This is a pixel font that has glyphs that are mostly 16x16, 12x12, or 12x16, with a few forced exceptions.



Basic Latin

More Latin

Greek and Coptic

Google Fonts Basic

Even More Latin




this is gonna be "WIP" for a while

im gonna try to make all the glyphs i can

then imma probably make different variations of this

like serif version

Info: Created on Tue, 15th January . Last edited on Today, 1:29 AM.
License Creative Commons
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I really like. But I think it's worth trying the vertical cursive form of i.
It would be very cool to see the Cyrillic alphabet in this font.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) Wed, 30th January

UPD: Cyrillic has been completed!

Comment by KyYay Wed, 13th February

UPD: Google Fonts Basic has been completed!

Comment by KyYay Wed, 13th February

UPD: Even More Latin has been completed!

Comment by KyYay Wed, 20th February

You forgot a ring on Capital Ů...

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Wed, 20th February


Comment by KyYay Wed, 20th February

I like your approach to pixel typography in this FontStruction.

Comment by Cookielord Wed, 20th February

UPD: Shortened lowercase L cause I didnt like how it looked when it was that long.

It is now 8x16.

Comment by KyYay Wed, 20th February

UPD: Hebrew has been completed!

Comment by KyYay Fri, 22nd February

Ummm... Some of the accents aren't positioned properly on Latin-Extended Additional (and a few Extended Cyrillic letters)... I'd suggest setting your browser's font to Arial to fix that... (Arial supports Latin-Extended Additional if you didn't know...)

How to do this:

Firefox: Options>Fonts and Colors>Advances and untick "Allow pages to use their own fonts instead of your selections".

Chrome: Download and install FontChanger and set the global (or the site specific font) to Arial (or a font that supports Extended Latin).

IE: Open Internet Settings in Control Panel>General>Fonts then set the Webpage font to Arial. Make sure to go to General>Accessibility and tick "Ignore font styles specified on webpages"

Edge: I don't know if it is possible to do at the moment... If you are using Edge, then you might want to switch to Firefox or Chrome (I'd avoid using IE, believe me)... If anyone knows how to do it on Edge for Windows 10, please share it!

Comment by Se7enty-Se7en Sat, 23rd February

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