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I tried to recreate the Braun GmbH logo type and make it a full font, I used only the five letters in the logo as a reference. Since there are a bunch of revivals out there already. I just did my own interpretation of it.


Info: Created on Sat, 15th September . Last edited on Sat, 2nd February.
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Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th November

Excellent! Uu and Vv still need to be distinguished though.

Comment by architaraz Mon, 5th November

@architaraz i don't think we use "vu" or "uv" very often

Comment by JingYo Mon, 5th November

@architaraz: First of all thanks. About UV, I know this wouldve been best, I have been thinking about this while making it, but than I was thinking what would it have been like from the original logo designers perspective. Now taking the other glyphs in cincideration and after disconnecting myself from looking at it from a typographers perspective I came to the conclusion that this most likely this would've been the letterform. And it probably is only confusing seeing the two right next to eachother like in the alphabet preview. When reading a standard text it's not that bad at all I think.

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th November

I'm sure you've already thought of these - they would fit within the design parameters of the font you've set.

Comment by Audio Mon, 5th November

Actually yes I did. Also constructed a couple more but none really had it for me.. But even tho X makes the second fit within the parameters, I am not very keen with how my X looks either.

Another solution could've been a bevel but I want to avoid any straight angles (bevel) on any of the actual letters.

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th November

Oh well I haven't thought of the first actually.. I will try it! Thanks

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 5th November

Nice usage of the Connecting Bricks! Good one!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 Tue, 6th November

@ se7en: If only it would've been that easy.. ;)

It's a combination of both

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 6th November
Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 6th November
Comment by Galo (galoreporter) Wed, 7th November

Okay it took me a while but I think I came with a very satisfying solution for both upper and lowercase v.

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 26th January
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 26th January

Well I even edited the the uppercase V's tip some more to match closer to the lowercase its tip.

Finally I got a propper fully curved solution to distinguish V from U, without making compromise to the rounded overall look of the font.

Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 26th January
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 26th January
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 2nd February
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 2nd February

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