Plaque Emaille

by Aeolien

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I recently saw an old cottage with its name written using small enamel tiles. The letters looked simple and legible but uninspired, they certainly didn't suit the look of the building. So I designed this set, with just a bit of personality to make people look twice (at least! and not because the letters are illegible) On the keyboard you'll find the word space where it should be. On the "_" you find a line to join tiles should you not want a completely white large gap, and a filled word space on the "#" . I will copy the UC to the LC, later. I am thinking about adding the MoreLatin set and then change the license.


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Impressive work so far. I hope that when you do More Latin, you include an uppercase eszett, so the font will be usable in Germany and Austria.
Comment by jimhv 25th august 2014
Why would anyone want to use an uppercase eszett? I can understand that one might design it to give his clients a choice, but I don't really understand the glyph's utility.
Comment by Cohnisgone 25th august 2014
Comment by Aeolien 25th august 2014
@Cohnisgone: Concerning your inquiry—

For the same grammatical rules in using the small Eszett; research German and you'll easily find out why. :) Until relatively recently, not many fonts contained the capital, and those that have, have been the designers discretion. But now there finally exists an approved design for the character.

A simple answer for you: without the use of Eszett, many words would end up having three S's in a row. —Does that help?
Comment by TCWhite 25th august 2014
@Aeolien: This is a great design. :) I especially love your ampersand and et.
Comment by TCWhite 25th august 2014
Elegant and individual - love the sample.
Comment by p2pnut 26th august 2014
@ jimhv: Having lived in Germany for 23 years I have not once seen the UC ß used. Has it fallen out of fashion before mid 20th century ? ;)
But yes, I'll put it in, however, UC and LC will be the same. I'm adding the LC only because people seem to use it automatically for texts.

I am also working on a sister font to 'Plaque E' which will have a more obvious UC ß.
Comment by Aeolien 26th august 2014
@TCWhite and p22 : thank you both, I value your opinion :)
Comment by Aeolien 26th august 2014
@ TCWhite: unfortunately many of 'those' words DO have 3x s. The LC ß is now very very rare ... and the UC one not seen.
All this due to the dumbing down of grammatical/spelling rules as decided by the Kultusministerkonferenz. (imho as former German teacher; others call it simplification, to make writers feel better about their texts and to prevent more studious readers from finding reasons to pull their hair out - when seeing words like Litfasssäule or Fresssack for example)

But the discussion is far from over and some Länder as well as publishers and newspapers refuse the new grammar/spelling rules. There is hope anew that German will turn back to its former elegance, clarity, richness, complexity and difficulty.
Comment by Aeolien 27th august 2014
Interesting—I was unaware of that. Plus, I fail to see how tripled consonants qualifies as simplified spelling? Let the Eszett live! :) It's either that or simply return the long s.
Comment by TCWhite 1st september 2014

I love this. I can definitely see this used on a cottage somewhere.

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 4th march 2016

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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