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Share unfinished fonts and ask for thoughts on your work.
Info: Created on 20th June 2014 . Last edited on 20th June 2014.
License Creative Commons
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Hello, FontStructors! Long time no forum.

The collaborative and open spirit of FontStruct is unparalleled when compared to other sites. We already have a forum to share feedback on the tool itself, a forum to talk about typography, and a forum to get inspired and motivated.

However, today I've decided to focus more on the collaborative aspect of FontStruct. What initially drew many of us to this site was the wonderful creative critique between users. I haven't encountered another social design with as deeply ingrained sense of community as FontStruct. However, critique is currently limited to the specific pages of public fonts.

Today, I introduce a new forum. Share unfinished fonts and ask for thoughts on your work. Present small details of a font for inspection by fellow FontStructors. Upload screenshots of that frustrating "s" or "z" and work with the community to find solutions.

This is the next step in opening up FontStruct's amazing community and refining the collaborative process.

Please, FontStructors, upload only your own work to be criticized. Be courteous. Work together. Find inspiration.

Happy FontStructing!
Great, a new forum! Also @forum: can we have another font out? PLEASE PLEASE PLLEAAZZE!

Also, help with these chars?
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Lowercase, not capital X
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
All from Parmesan.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Ill be honest, while I have finished a few fonts, I never have finished my first font that I came up with, a shame because its quite cool looking.
Comment by OsyenVyeter 21st June 2014
Can you publish it and make it clonable? Then the FS community might be able to finish it for you!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
@Winty : i'm not approving much this attitude of "finishing" the other's work. Or you try and help the original author to improve himself his creation, or you take his rough or beginning as basic inspiration as i did it many times to push it in a really different, personal direction, making definitely your own without any possible confusion... That's why i'll never join your "collab" parties, and also i never thought it helps anybody to make His work at his place...
Comment by cirque traumaccord 21st June 2014
winty5 — Please do not blow up the live feed or this forum with too many separate images of every character you need help on. The chances of someone giving you suggestions is much higher when they don't have tons of images to look at. :-)

Please be considerate of the feed. Thank you.
@winty, and also i think you should put your chars in context revealing the global style of the font, because any isolated glyph can be appropriate in the well chosen style. Show a bunch of chars you think you succeeded in comparison. Some style are more supporting and even demanding irregularities as others
Comment by cirque traumaccord 21st June 2014
OK. i'll post a image of the whole font.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Not great image size, but i tried...
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st June 2014
Thanks for this new forum!
@winty I guess you got some help for that font already from others? Q/K look fine, and you could use johnorics' x.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 2nd July 2014
Which characters do you prefer? The bottom M/N/W might fit better with A (and V) since they're more pointed, but the M may be a little too narrow and the W too wide. The top Z/z look a bit narrow too.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 2nd July 2014
I would prefer the narrow M, the narrow N, the narrow W, the pointy w, the pointy Z/z, the pointy R, and the pointy Y. They look more normal and fluent in running text. Maybe the bowl of the R could have a more regular stress.
Comment by minidonut 2nd July 2014
It's exercise time: time to work on my FS-Béziers! Shall I continue this?
Comment by minidonut 5th July 2014
Comment by minidonut 5th July 2014
Comment by minidonut 5th July 2014
(It's probably going to be monospaced and maybe pan-Unicode.)
Comment by minidonut 5th July 2014
Comment by j4s13 5th July 2014
Hello fontstructors, to get some rest and freshness from my interminable series of updates, i worked on this new thing, sort of little hommage to "data" 70s fonts do you think it's worth publishing and maybe improving?
Comment by cirque traumaccord 23rd July 2014
@AFT: Sure. :)
Comment by TCWhite 23rd July 2014
@AFT/CT: Very much so! The top one very elegantly plays with the shapes of the f, s, x and z.
The bottom one is cool too: I especially like the M, N and W, but the T looks a bit too much like a Q or an O, and the H could be mistaken for an N. Perhaps you should mirror the H? I don't know what to do about the T, maybe make it look closer to an upside-down I?
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 23rd July 2014
@TC/CMunk : Thanks! It wasn't clear on the previous sample but actually it's one and only font. Here's a sample with one UC in front of each word. I'll see what i can do to with T and H later
Comment by cirque traumaccord 24th July 2014
The level of legibility never fails to amaze :)
Comment by Umbreon126 24th July 2014
Thanks@Umbreon : with patience and obstination you can extract good legibility from the most unusual styles and shapes
Comment by cirque traumaccord 24th July 2014
Sly + Nudge = awesome! Had many limitations but still great.
Comment by j4s13 26th July 2014
Are you asking for critique on that g? If so, I don't like the loop extension on the right. It might be beneficial to shorten the ear, but there is nothing wrong with the current model.
Comment by Cohnisgone 27th July 2014
Are you asking for critique on that g? If so, I don't like the loop extension on the right. It might be beneficial to shorten the ear, but there is nothing wrong with the current model.
Comment by Cohnisgone 27th July 2014
Sorry about the repeat there.
Comment by Cohnisgone 27th July 2014
I wasn't and I changed since then. Also can you critique this new g?
Comment by j4s13 27th July 2014
I like this one. Try flipping the ear vertically and rotating it left. I'm not a fan of having the loop so wide, but then again I can't see it in text. Also is it possible to smooth the curves a little?
Comment by Cohnisgone 30th July 2014
@AFT: I like your experiment!

@j4s: Nice improvements to the original!
Comment by ETHproductions 1st August 2014
@Eth Thanks!
@Cohn I'll see.

I designed this in fontforge:
Comment by j4s13 1st August 2014
Comment by cirque traumaccord 4th August 2014
@FONTSTRUCTORS : working hard now on my Formaldehyde final presentation. What do you think of this mix of frame / colors above i chose for the whole series?
Comment by cirque traumaccord 5th August 2014
I love them, then again I'm rather fond of hot pink. Plus, these particular colors vibe well together. :)
Comment by TCWhite 6th August 2014
I'm unsure about the @ I designed for Do any of you have ideas/advice/criticisms?
Comment by Cohnisgone 24th November 2014
What's with all these come-and-go fontstructors? So many times I see them make 1-2 fonts and then quit. I've somewhat recently ago hit my 2 year anniversary and I HATE going a day without checking the board to see what all the new fonts are.
Comment by OsyenVyeter 29th November 2014
I gotta start with publishing stuff again ._.
Comment by minidonut 30th November 2014
Well at least you're still very much here, minidonut. I count that just as well as anything else. I more mean those that don't even visit fonstruct at all anymore.

Youre one of my fav publishers, between your chess bit, your nonogram, side view, cheese, ....
oh! as I was looking through your collection I just got the coolest idea!
Comment by OsyenVyeter 30th November 2014
Hmm... possibly Unicode serif. Here's the /a. What do you think of the terminal? Does the wedge-ball hybrid work?
Comment by j4s13 17th March 2015
Oops... Hmm... possibly Unicode serif. Here's the /a. What do you think of the terminal? Does the wedge-ball hybrid work?
Comment by j4s13 17th March 2015
Furthermore, what do you think should be changed? It was a sans-serif at first so it may need some tweaking.
Comment by j4s13 17th March 2015
I really like it, it gives the whole shape a "friendly" vibe to it. The part where ◜ comes into Դ seems a bit off though, just my two cents.
Comment by Umbreon126 18th March 2015
Thanks. I was experimenting with a new one. (Or two.) Do you mean where the upper part of the bowl meets the stem? Which version is the best?
Comment by j4s13 19th March 2015
Here's three variations: Straight, mildly slanted, extremely slanted.
Comment by j4s13 21st March 2015
Whoops! Here's three variations: Straight, mildly slanted, extremely slanted.
Comment by j4s13 21st March 2015
I rather like the second a, and I think the terminal works well. Yeah, I haven't been on here in quite a while. I've been polishing Tehuti. I'm working on the new italic version at the moment. Needless to say, Tehuti has become a modern typeface, and is now more like Electra in its design. I've added Greek, Cyrillic, all IPA, UPA and Teuthonista characters, arrows, some math, etc.
Comment by TCWhite 22nd March 2015

Hey, anyone here whow how to make 1/13 angles?

Comment by Atlantis L. (Jack Lee Jie) 14th November 2015
Comment by Aeolien 4th February 2016

Help please! I worked on a font, saved, visited another font for inspiration, then returned to check before publishing: I find a blank brick. It held a composite, the final brick of a slope. This is my sixth font with a disappeared brick. The others I repaired (with a heavy heart at times, when there is more to do than just the BL and French/German diacritics or the glyphs are complex). But this one is rather annoying as the font has nearly 800 glyphs. And as you can see from the sample there are usually more than just 1 missing brick.

Question: is there a time-saving method to get that missing brick back into the blanked-out spaces?

Question: as I didn't work on that particular slope when I last saved the font but just added thickness to some verticals: why did the 3rd brick of the slope get lost?

Question: why do these strange saves happen? Why do bricks disappear even though they were saved previously? Why did my font 'unintentional' have bricks turn at some point, to show up in untintended positions?

Question: would it be possible to save a half-finished font intermittendly to our pc (as an option in the menu for example) to upload into a messed-up fontstruction, to avoid spending such extensive time replacing 1 brick into many hundred spaces?

Question: would it be possible to have a forum for technical problems  (or is there one already which I didn't see in the list of 'help' pages?) as I feel that my question is not really related to the forum title.

Comment by Aeolien 4th February 2016

@Aeolien: you can make a new composite and drag it over the empty one in My Bricks. It should replace all of them and keep the rotations (you might need to save and refresh the page). Hopefully that will work.

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 4th February 2016

@ Yautja: thank you! It worked! Just made the composite, saved and a page refresh. 798 glyphs repaired in a few clicks ... :)

Comment by Aeolien 4th February 2016

For some reason I can't comment on h1k765's fonts...

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 14th February 2016

Is there still a way to delete our comments or change the image?

Comment by Umbreon126 1st September 2016

This would normally be for 'forum: FontStruct suggestions 4', but I'm getting a 500 error when I try to access it. I'm also getting a 500 error when I try to search in the gallery for 'forum', and when I try to submit a font to google, which is the main reason I tried to access 'forum: FontStruct suggestions 4'. I'm sorry for putting this in the wrong place, but, like I said above, the right place is inaccessible.

Comment by realicraft 22nd October 2018

I have a burning request for advice from a more experienced person. I need some advice / help with aligning diacritics above a glyph with an asymmetric top.

I will post a image to better illustrate the ussue..

Thanks in advance

Comment by Sed4tives 29th March 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 29th March 2019

As far as I know, they should be aligned with the top of the letter, like this:

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 29th March 2019

@ Sarela: Wow, That was probably the very last thing I would've thought it to be.

So to clear it up even further for me, in order to really know what I'm doing next time. In such a case I think there is actually an imaginary center line drawn from the glyphs actual center to the asymmetrical top's extreme. Am I right?

Thanks a lot so far.. :)

Comment by Sed4tives 29th March 2019

Yes, they should be aligned to the optical center, instead of the mathematical center, so they don't "fall off". Some more reading:

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 29th March 2019

Ok, very clear now. Once more thank you very much, this was more than just helpful :)

Comment by Sed4tives 29th March 2019

There seems to be a new "Feature" in the Fontstructor, where if you have the eraser selected, and you go to click on a block in the User & Custom Blocks, you erase it.  Now, although you can easily hit z to undo (or select undo in the menu), I find this a terrifying thing, as I do spend a lot of time building the blocks I need in a decent work pattern for a project, and because I am already triple clicking and quadruple clicking all the blocks and tools because the Fontstructor is so unresponsive.  That is, if I double click an item (block or tool) to select it, I am often left with the previously used block or tool.  However, this is an extremely sporatic phenomenon, as sometimes I can just click once to select something, and sometimes it takes 3 or 4 fast repetitive clicks.  

I use all sorts of mice, and always get the same result, too.  I currently use a bluetooth mouse, but a Logitech or Microsoft mouse has the exact same result.  These are all relatively new mice, as well.  And I have absolutely no problems clicking other web elements outside of the Fontstructor design editor. 

What's more is this UX issue has only shown up in the new HTML/CSS version of the editor, as I never had any problems in the old Flash version (and then it was always only a single click to select/activate something. 

So, this new UX completely distrupts my design flow as it is.  But now after I erase a few bricks after I made myself a nice composite brick I need, I double-click the pencil or another drawing tool and then double-click the brick I want in the user bricks section and HOLY CRAP do I get scared when my user brick, and the next one (as I double-click), disappears and the whole User Bricks section goes wonky. 

Now although the new eraser would be a welcome feature if I could simply click once to select something in the editor UI, I am double, triple and quaduple clicking items and not selecting/activating them.  So for now, please discontinue that feature until you fix issues with the UI not responding to clicks, please.  And do fix it as soon as possible, please?

Comment by SymbioticDesign 1st April 2019

Hey, I'm new to Fontstructions working on my very first font ever.

Anyway, I'm not sure where to put this but I've encountered two glitches:

1: All the bricks I use to make verticle and horizontal lines on every leter I had built at the time were replaced by bricks I wasn't using. It was easily fixable and I fixed the problem immidiately.

2: I have a weird pixel attached to my U. I deleted it and it attached itself to my T. I deleted the T and it was gone. When I started rebuilding the T, it came back. When I rebuild the U, it attached itself to that. When I'm working on my Fonstruction, it's not there. It's only visible in preview mode, which means I'm unable to get rid of it. ny help would be appreaciated.

Comment by apostle92627 5th August 2019

I give up. I just recreated my font and both glitches happened again. I'm done.

Comment by apostle92627 5th August 2019

No edit button, sorry for the triple post. Anyway, I finished the Fontstruction, published it and downloaded it. I just tested it with Gimp and it looks just fine. I'm not sure what's with that pixel though. If you look at it before you download it, it just looks... weird.


Comment by apostle92627 5th August 2019

@apostle92627 It appears that you have an extra brick in the letter V (far to the left on the grid)

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 5th August 2019

And extra brick in the v gliph too, I se.

Comment by elmoyenique 5th August 2019


Comment by elmoyenique 5th August 2019

How do I get rid of them? They don't show up when I build my Fontstructions, only in preview mode.

Comment by apostle92627 5th August 2019

I just tested it in Gimp. V is the letter that's affected with the extra brick but ONLY if there is two or more (it attaches to the one on the left of the furthest one on the right).

Comment by apostle92627 5th August 2019

I fixed it. Someone on my font's forum told me how to fix it and I fixed it easily.  It turns out, it wasn't glitched. I'm just blind. And new to Fontstructions.

Comment by apostle92627 5th August 2019

@apostle92627 - And we are happy to have you here.  We 'old-timers' were once in the same position as you, so we like to help out wherever and whenever we can.

Comment by Goatmeal 6th August 2019

Yeah, I appreciate the help and support. I love how I can just point and click to put a brick where I want it. It's very easy to use.

However, I would love to find a YouTube channel that does tutorials on Fontstructions.

Comment by apostle92627 6th August 2019

New problem: Every time I download the font, it either says it's invalid (No idea how that's even possible), or I get a 504 time out error. I don't understand, and I'm very frustrated.

Comment by apostle92627 6th August 2019

Okay, I created a test font, created a few random glyphs, saved it, tried downloading it and had the same issue.

Comment by apostle92627 6th August 2019

@apostle92627 - I could not download one of my fonts either; hiccups like these happen from time to time here (especially with so many users & fonts being created), and the site owners will fix it, usually within a day or so.  In the meantime, feel free to continue making fonts -- you'll be able to download them soon.

Comment by Goatmeal 6th August 2019

Okay, awesome and thank you.

Comment by apostle92627 6th August 2019

@apostle92627 - I had plans to create such a YouTube channel, but that idea proved far more time-consuming than I thought it would. There are a good number of tutorials and resources here onsite, though!

Comment by zephram 6th August 2019

Okay, I bookmarked both links to go over later. I just started learning Graphic design on Gimp and Inkscape with the help of YouTube channel Logos By Nick, and it occurred to me that I should also learn fonts (since it's hard to find fonts you can use commercially) so I can use my own in my graphics. So that was why I asked if there was a YouTube channel but I guess there isn't one.

Comment by apostle92627 6th August 2019

There are a few FS videos on YouTube, but they're very basic. You already know everything in them.

I've been meaning to make a video series that covers EVERYTHING, but it has taken months of brainstorming just to come up with the type of design whose creation will allow me occasion to talk about everything. In the end I may have to do more than one...

FontSpace and DaFont are two sites where there's a significant number of users posting 100% free fonts. Well worth visiting - I post to the former myself, and recently have seen other FontStructors doing the same.

Comment by zephram 6th August 2019

Awesome. Once you get started with your channel, hit me with a PM and I'll subscribe to it. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to learn how to make Fontstructions and also search DeFont and FontSpace for 100% free fonts. Thank you for your help.

Comment by apostle92627 6th August 2019

Today I found out and learned a bunch of new technical stuff about font metrics. Since I had a bunch of fontstructions made (with thins as glyph alternatives included) that showed kerning issues uppon using the donwloaded *.TTF font file.

Usually I located and assigned sets of glyph aternatives to the Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms (Unicode block). I did this because these codepoints were already assigned to A-Z character sets in advance, and this helped to keep everything more or less organized and assigned together in one block!

Today I found out that the kerning issues in these fonts were (at least partially) caused by the fact that I am using the Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms (Unicode block) for this. It seems that this Unicode block is exclisively reserved for assigning monospace characters. Explaining why my fonts that have characters assigned to these codepoints do not include the custom set kerning values I entered for them when I used these fonts.

Now, I couldn't actually find definitive proof for this to be true, but it really making me believe that is what's going on. That the Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms (Unicode block) does not support the use of a kerning table.

So I started to re-assign characters into different codepoints located in the High Private Use Surrogates (unicode Block) as a test to see if this would eliminate the issue. And It seems that this Unicode block does have support for a customized kerning table indeed!

I know this is isn't a request for support of feedback, but I thought I might as well share this useful information with you guys anyway, since I am probably not the only fonstructor that is designing glyph alternatives for my fonts and has trouble finding suitable Unicode spots to house these characters in (Preferably together) !!!


Comment by Sed4tives 7th August 2019

Hi. How can I make two fontstructions into the same font family? I tried to export them to TTF and open them in FontForge to change some font details, like font family, so it is under same font family, but it doesn't work :( Can I make multiple fontstructions under one font family right here? Or do I export it and change it post-production? But how to make it comply under FontForge to actually work as intended? I want to merge a Regular font and Bold font so I can choose them from Word list under one font family, and change between regular and bold version by just clicking the "Bold" button. That doesn't work, instead it makes the dots appear wider, it does artificial boldening of the font instead of changing the font face to the Bold variant. The font in the image is bold variant. It eighter picks the bold variant or regular, depends on which one I install first (and yes, I tried to select them both and install them both at the same time, it still install them one by one and completely randomly - doesn't solve the issue).

Comment by Polda18 9th August 2019

@Polda18 - Currently FontStruct doesn't allow for making 'families' of fonts - only single, 'stand alone' typefaces.  You might have better luck with your questions on a FontForge forum.

Comment by Goatmeal 10th August 2019

Maybe. I already asked there. Thanks anyway :)

Comment by Polda18 10th August 2019

Do you actually plan to add support for font families in future? It would be very easy. I'd like to design my fonts in such way that they can be treated as font families.

Comment by Polda18 10th August 2019

@Polda18 - I have no clue if there are any plans in the future to add support for families, and I'm not certain how "easy" it would be to implement that concept here.  I'm just a fellow user, trying to help answer general FS questions where I can...

Comment by Goatmeal 10th August 2019

Not really the right place but since there is numerous random questions asked in here already I might as well put it in here.

I notice that many of my incoming messages here at FontStruct getting flagged as spam, is there a specific reason for this, and perhaps, something I am unaware of, to manually manage this?

Comment by Sed4tives 17th August 2019

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