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Rob Meek (meek)
Fontstruct adds kerning support!
Live post from meekTue, 20th December

@Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) - Thank you for the information!  (And my apologies for the vague question.)

@Meek - Thanks for the assist!  ;^)

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RIP Zhou Youguang (周有光先生), the Father of Pinyin »
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Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)

Here is an example font:

comment by Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) on “Monochromaticism Serif”, Today, 3:38 PM
Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)

@meek @Goatmeal Oh yeah? Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was inspired by the font in the Nokia 1208. These cheap phones for those who are used only for calls and messages, or do not understand in the modern technologies.

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Rob Meek (meek)

@MadSheep3 I think Goatmeal is asking whether the FontStruction is based on a font from a game or a display. I was wondering that too.

comment by Rob Meek (meek) on “Monochromaticism Serif”, Today, 3:20 PM
Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)

@Goatmeal It's just a simple MS Paint, man.

comment by Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) on “Monochromaticism Serif”, Today, 2:46 PM
#LALALAND uses Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s Yasashii for its movie posters ▸ See the font ▸… »
from FontShop on twitterMon, 16th January

@Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) - Very nice.  Is this from a particular game or based on a particular font?

comment by Goatmeal on “Monochromaticism Serif”, Today, 2:31 PM
Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)
comment by Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) on “Monochromaticism Serif”, Today, 11:55 AM
Rob Meek (meek)

Ah, I see. It works well for that.

comment by Rob Meek (meek) on “LWA01”, Today, 11:38 AM
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It was used for lorem ipsum in a recent anime LWA. Since it's Latin it misses couple letters from English.

comment by Nayas1 on “LWA01”, Today, 10:37 AM
Want to make a fresh start? Clear your #font cache ▸ »
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Rob Meek (meek)

@MadSheep3 Thanks for suggesting that. It’s a recurrent thought and request. With the HTML5 FontStructor at least you can now work on touch devices,

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Rob Meek (meek)

Intriguing. Is it something to do with the moon and the tides?

comment by Rob Meek (meek) on “LWA01”, Today, 9:11 AM
Rob Meek (meek)

@Aeolien It’s because its a very, complex FontStruction with a lot of letters. If you split it into multiple FontStructions you should no longer see the error. You can message me about this if you need more help.

comment by Rob Meek (meek) on “forum: FontStruct suggestions 3”, Today, 9:04 AM
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Victoria Babineau
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Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)

How about to release FontStruct on Android and iOS? The ability to make fonts abroad without a laptop, in a offline. What are your ideas for mobile FontStruct?

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Can you please point to a download? LOVE this

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Another puzzlement for Meek rather than a suggestion. Since extending a Romaeo version to LatinA I get a scripting error when opening the preview.

The preview loads up to MoreLatin,

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comment by Aeolien on “forum: FontStruct suggestions 3”, Mon, 16th January
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Christian Munk (CMunk)

Thank you for the nice words, MadSheep3. You were only 4 minutes late to point out my mistake ;)

comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) on “Hearty”, Mon, 16th January
Christian Munk (CMunk)

Lovely letterforms. That 4 is quite something! And I would never have thought to put a loop on the exclamation mark. It gives it a natural, handwritten flow.

comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) on “Hearty 2”, Mon, 16th January