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FontStruct goes open source!

Development, News | | October 19th, 2018

Haxe Shariken

Dear FontStructors,

From the very beginning, FontStruct has tried to be easy-to-use and avowedly non-technical for its font-designing users, but of course there is a great deal of technology behind our platform, and today we’re open-sourcing a small, but important part of it: the core of our font generation module.

There are several reasons for open-sourcing this code. It offers other developers an opportunity to contribute to the font-generation side of FontStruct. It also offers others a new tool to assist them in building their own font-generation tools.

But the main motivation for sharing the code is the desire to give something back – in the form of publicity and a software library – to an open-source project (Haxe) which has been extremely helpful to us in recent years.

If you are interested in software development and FontStruct, please read more about our new open-source library and the some of the history of FontStruct’s development on Medium.

Happy FontStructing!

– your FontStruct team


Many thanks, as always, to our current sponsors:  Google Fonts and Glyphs App



  1. elmoyenique

    Great stuff at FontStruct! I’m with you, boys!

    elmoyenique — October 19, 2018 #

  2. softhunterdevil

    Great News !! I am hoping for an offline mode.

    softhunterdevil — October 29, 2018 #