Gothixel Mono

by Rafe
See also Gothixel (beta) by Rafe.

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Gothixel Mono. A blackletter-style monospace font for small pixel sizes. One half of the Gothixel font family.

Gothixel Mono proudly supports Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Hebrew character sets. It also has a big inventory of characters with diacritics, including those necessary for Vietnamese and polytonic Greek.

Gothixel Mono's majuscules are one pixel wider than the minuscules, and the font's default tracking is on the wide side to accomodate this. You can tighten the tracking if desired, but in that case, all-caps text will run together. If you need appropriate space between all letters, I recommend Gothixel, the proportional-width font. However, Gothixel is further behind in development and doesn't have as many character sets yet.

This font family was originally named "Blackletter RPG".


@Rafe - Beautiful pixel work here. Is it based on a particular font/style or from a game? Perhaps for a future game?
Comment by Goatmeal 23rd march 2014
@Goatmeal, thank you!

It's not based directly on a game, although looking at your fonts I see that it's a lot like the one from Betrayal in Antara, if somewhat less decorative in the caps.

It was motivated by a game, though. I was playing Final Fantasy IV again and I realized that the very basic font worked against the game's medieval castle aesthetic. I wondered if a mono pixel font that reinforced the castle aesthetic was possible and so I decided to try making one in a blackletter style.

A lot of poking and twiddling and squinting later, this is the result!

This mockup uses the tight-tracked version.
Comment by Rafe 24th march 2014
Your tweaking worked. This is wonderful.
Comment by thalamic 24th march 2014
Thank you @thalamic!
Comment by Rafe 25th march 2014
I added Extended Latin A and Greek today.

Folks, if you need more special characters or see anything wrong, please let me know which ones and I'll see about adding/fixing them.

Also, I want to give it a less generic name, something shorter and more distinctive than "Blackletter RPG". I'd be happy to take suggestions for a name!
Comment by Rafe 25th march 2014
I used to know somebody who called Skyrim 'Skrim'. I mention this because it reminds me of older Elder Scrolls games.
You could perhaps otherwise call it:

Medieval Fantasy
Authentic Nerd
Pixel Castle
Nope, sorry, no great ideas.
Comment by Cohnisgone 25th march 2014
Thanks for the suggestions anyway!

I added polytonic Greek so people can read Homer in the original if they really want, haha. The size of my font forced me to arrange the diacritics in non-standard ways though. For example, I had to give the capitals ypogegrammeni instead of prosgegrammeni which there wasn't room for.
Comment by Rafe 26th march 2014
Thanks everyone who suggested names. I've decided on "Gothixel".
Comment by Rafe 28th march 2014

I've come back to do some major work on Gothixel's character sets. Over the last week, I added the whole Cyrillic set, and now I'm hard at work on Extended Latin B!

Comment by Rafe 10th june 2016
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Gothixel (beta)” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 11th june 2016

This blackletter type font has merited the TP through its well designed style and extended useful character sets. Congratulations.

Comment by Aeolien 13th june 2016

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