by architaraz

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A bit italic, a bit stencil, a bit messy font... Thx & Enjoy!
Info Created on 29th February 2012 . Last edited on 7th March 2012.
License Creative Commons
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WHAQ! I like it! 10/10 + fave...
Comment by cablecomputer 3rd March 2012
Wow! Great job, and with real curves! 10/10.
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 3rd March 2012
The background in the sample image has a typo :)
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 3rd March 2012
Comment by architaraz 3rd March 2012
Thanks, cablecomputer & Yautja, glad you liked it.
@Yautja: Thx, I've changed the background.
Comment by architaraz 3rd March 2012
Better and better! We slowly see appear a real signature in your work. Contrarily to me, you stay faithful to modularity, and as such, your works are more of a designer's, but you can also add a more artistic level to your works, something searching "beyond", and with sometimes a delicious soft madness in it like here. Very few fontststructors could be evoked in the same way. Maybe Williaum or Thalamic... Keep up the good work
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 3rd March 2012
Very interesting font! My 10 2U.
Comment by elmoyenique 3rd March 2012
Very energetic and fun (in an almost scary way). Excellent! 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 3rd March 2012
@neurone error:
Thanks!. Those guys are FS geniuses (like yourself), I'm just "happi" to be even mentioned among them, and I have a long and winding road ahead of me in this FS journey. I was planning on doing a straight version, but then realized that it was impossible under these 2x2,small grid conditions, so, gladly, I found a compromise :)

Thanks for your continuous support!

Thanks! I agree, there's a scary, horror feel to this one.
Comment by architaraz 3rd March 2012
Such awesome brilliance, that it forced me to log-in to leave this comment. Wonderful use of the default and the remixed bricks. You've used the limitations to a superb effect. (I've run out of superlatives now.)

10, Fav, and added to my list of people to watch.
Comment by thalamic 3rd March 2012
Nice work, 10/10! It looks like these letters have a certain movement, or, speed in there appearance.
Comment by Artishoker (Golden Roman) 3rd March 2012
This is soooo freakin' cool. Your best most innovative and creative work to date. Once again you've stepped up to a new level. 11/10
My only crits would be, it is a shame there is no lowercase. Perhaps you could change just a few of the letters in the lowercase - a, e, r as an example.
Comment by djnippa 3rd March 2012
Thanks! It's been 4 months since my registration, so, it'll take maybe even a year for me to create smth like Whaq :) I hope I won't stop fontstructing, and other works will come, but please, don't expect them to be like this one :)

@Golden Roman:
Thanks! I'll add them into tags.

Thanks! You're right about LC. I'll work on them when better concentration arrives :).
Comment by architaraz 4th March 2012
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “WHAQ!” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th March 2012
Thanks, Meek, I really appreciate it!
Comment by architaraz 5th March 2012
Comment by elmoyenique 5th March 2012
Very dynamic!
Comment by four 5th March 2012
interesting, very interesting. no offense, but I pondered downloading it for a very long time. I eventually downloaded it, and it is very, very, AWESOME
Comment by Foo Bar ( ibirover) 17th April 2012

Whoa, cool, i actually got it to show up in italic!

Comment by Foo Bar ( ibirover) 17th April 2012
Comment by Foo Bar ( ibirover) 17th April 2012
elmoyenique, four and especially ibirover, glad you guys liked it. Thanks!
Comment by architaraz 17th April 2012


Comment by arimbanop Mon, 19th June

Lc ü missing accent...

Comment by Brynda Mon, 19th June