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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

A font inspired by Skrillex logo. Skrillex is a stage name of Sonny Moore, an electronic music artist who is famous for his dubstep releases, especially his EP called "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites".

Each letter has a different horizontal position in lowercase.


Future plans: expanding to full latin set, editing in FontLab Studio, in addition with proper kerning, spacing, precise positioning and some minor stuff which is impossible to be done in FontStruct (for now).

A message for everyone: if you're about to type "Skrillex" only, I recommend you making or downloading a perfect vector trace of the original logotype OR just hit "#", if you decide to use my font for your design. I often see Skrillex's logo adaptations made using this font and... I don't know why, but people somehow screw it up almost everytime.


- numerals added

- changed the name, removed "(Skrillex font" part
- added the following characters: "!", "?", "-", "_", ",", ".", "$".

Because people are frequently looking for this font on the internet and they have various problems with registering on FontStruct, I'm providing a link to the font on Dropbox: URL (three extra sample pics included! Woohoo! Everyone loves sample pics!)

Make sure you will read one of these text files preceded by numerous semicolons attached to the archive. You will also find there readme and license files provided by FontStruct. The archive itself is 100% virus-free.

Sites like DaFont did not accept it through the process of submission. Not sure why, though. Metallica or AC/DC inspired fonts are available, sigh.

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Skrillex brand and/or any of trademarks related to it. I am not taking any responsibility for legal issues resulting from usage of this font. The font itself is not 100% accurate with "Skrillex" logotype. If you are the owner of the rights to the brand, you can complain by sending an e-mail to me on address:



You rock, dude. This is a great font.
Comment by Killer0744 11th september 2011
This is an amazing font... Would be good if there were numbers and symbols, and if the spacing was a bit better constructed... Love it though :)
Comment by benibarwick 20th september 2011
awesom font dude... but i want signs,numbers and some fixes.
Comment by Zkrillex 28th september 2011
Thanks for appreciation, guys! Numbers are done, I hope you like them /)^3^/). Here's a cool sample pic
Comment by Neoqueto 18th october 2011
What a wonderful sample!
Comment by elmoyenique 18th october 2011
if I try to write out "Skrillex" the "ex" overlaps the "L". How do i fix this?
Comment by vickaratechop 23rd october 2011
nevermind, i figured it out. just have to alternate between upper and lower case haha
Comment by vickaratechop 23rd october 2011
Comment by JustXanotherXBRONEY 2nd november 2011
I reaally love this Font.
Comment by JustXanotherXBRONEY 2nd november 2011
mine wont work what do i doo ?
Comment by jamiew 7th november 2011
Mine won't extract...
Comment by MoarEmoCupcake 8th november 2011
are you going to add actual punctuation? i installed on my droid x andit just says 'skrillex' for periods.. ect. great font tho
Comment by 7r4c3r 23rd november 2011
For android users I'll do anything! Punctuation and symbols are on their way!

Besides, how do you convert TTF to FlipFonts? Is the root access necessary?

Also, I do not recommend this typeface as a GUI element, the reason is simple - it's unreadable and this is generally a logotype font, I appreciate that you like it though.
Comment by Neoqueto 23rd november 2011
ur rock man i'm looking this for so long thanx
Comment by LongLive 26th november 2011
wicked font, good work
Comment by jsplat 5th december 2011
Awesome font, just like his logo!
Comment by goat_nuggets 19th december 2011
mine wont extract :( do u know why? this is an amazing font! looks exactly like his logo! i just wish i could use it :(
Comment by meh-.- 28th december 2011
can use the font on photoshop
Comment by iluvskrillex 5th january 2012
Comment by grandmast3rr 12th january 2012

Comment by Neoqueto 13th january 2012
What a lovely animation neoqueto, and also a creepy font. But personally i would not have chosen such a confusing messy spacing.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 13th january 2012
Shh... This is the Internet... Gonna email you soon btw...
Comment by Neoqueto 13th january 2012
yay thx
Comment by mystudiomymusic 20th january 2012
Very Nice, Work is needed on the F it just looks like a plain Aerial F to me, Try adding sharp edges? i reakon it would tie in then :). Keep up the good work, Im Lovin' it :P
Comment by Kady 27th january 2012
O and also the glitchy letters how they clump up, Please fix :)
Comment by Kady 27th january 2012
Sorry for spam posts, The Upper and lower case solution for the overlapping letter doesn't work only for skrillex and some letters

other than that By Far my Favourite Font out :D
Comment by Kady 27th january 2012
Thanks Dude! Best Skrillex font, u Rock!
Comment by xFalk 31st january 2012
I cant type the letter "I"
Comment by Ismagee123 20th february 2012
The sample u show us, how did u do the blue effect? in photoshop?
Comment by Emiliosen 25th february 2012¤t=Desktop.jpg
Comment by Emiliosen 26th february 2012
Comment by Emiliosen 26th february 2012
Comment by Emiliosen 26th february 2012
Why cant i download it on my ipod
Comment by Facewash 13th march 2012

Apple mobile devices don't have the capability to download or use fonts. If you're jailbroken on iOS 4 or later, an application called iFile lets you store files on your iPod or iPhone. Hope this helps.
Comment by demonics 13th march 2012
why cant i type with this on facebook?
Comment by seesemo 24th march 2012
it wont let me type in this font. can you tell me how?? im not very good with computers.
Comment by karley5551 24th march 2012
To use a font on your PC:

1) Download it
2) Open the zipped folder
3) Copy the .ttf file to your Desktop
4) Click on 'Start'
5) Open 'Control Panel'
6) Open 'Fonts'
7) Copy the .ttf file into 'Fonts'

Once this is done, the downloaded font can be used on your PC.
Comment by p2pnut 25th march 2012
How do I get this on my galaxy s.
Comment by Tommyrobbo251195 11th april 2012
awesome bro thanks alot
Comment by FIGUERinsider 20th april 2012
This font is awesome, Thanks
Comment by Dragoniterox 2nd may 2012
Brilliantly MAde!!! Love it! :D Great Job!!!
Comment by Chris Silvertune (MinDWarP) 3rd may 2012
it says its not a valid font when i try to instal it on my pc...and even when i do the way where you copy it into the font folder in the control panel D:
Comment by nicole.quinn 30th may 2012
Ok but do not swear.
Comment by Neoqueto 15th june 2012
When I go to install it says it doe snot appear to be a valid font
Comment by lukeboy 4th july 2012
Comment by shadow666 7th july 2012
how do i use the font????
Comment by Deaththekid618 11th july 2012
please please please do something about the spacing. It's an amazing font though. The spacing is the only problem and I want the letters to be bigger but maybe that's a problem with my computer. Thank's for the font :)
Comment by SkrillexLoverXoXo 22nd july 2012
it says its not a valid font
Comment by dillonhand 1st september 2012
it says its not a valid font
Comment by dillonhand 1st september 2012
Yep, I've already informed FontStruct about the issue and they're working on it. Hopefully.
Comment by Neoqueto 2nd september 2012
Comment by krakian-XD 5th september 2012
Comment by Neoqueto 5th september 2012
How do I use the font?
Comment by tz10 11th september 2012
how do i use it or instal it to say microsoft word?
Comment by Pickelzworth77 25th september 2012
how do i use it or instal it to say microsoft word?
Comment by Pickelzworth77 25th september 2012
the spacing is a little off, but overall it's great!! try to edit the spacing though.
Comment by ensayers 26th november 2012
does this not work on iphone?
Comment by jacob_q5 14th december 2012
Downloaded version 2.0 and did ifile moved to right folder and does not show up in Bytafont. Any help?
Comment by Hranowsky18 4th january 2013
Downloaded version 2.0 and did ifile moved to right folder and does not show up in Bytafont. Any help?
Comment by Hranowsky18 6th january 2013
How do I use this for android samsung v4.2.2 7.0????
Comment by $krillex 19th april 2014
This'll help me with my REMIX covers! Thanks!!
Comment by Dark Trapt Official 17th september 2015

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