fs no escape

by minimum

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Comment by minimum 3rd june 2011
Reminds me of a well known font, "Planet Kosmos"...

This one is even cooler :).
Comment by Neoqueto 3rd june 2011
@Neoqueto: Not necessarily: both fonts carry certain similarities, but minimum has produced a font that has some endings, some links and some serifs absolutely originals. The differences, if you can stop to watch they one by one, are abysmals.
Comment by elmoyenique 3rd june 2011
Way to bring the edge, Ata! 10/10

Abysmal as in profoundly deep. Yes. Still, good reference, @Neoqueto.

I have a related work i am planning to release sooner maybe than later. More ultrabold fat faces on fs! :D
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd june 2011
Oh, forgot to mention, your q is missing a row of bricks at the top.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd june 2011
@Neoqueto: You are absolutely right. This fs started off as a remake of Planet Kosmos, which is self-evident in PK signature glyphs like the G. It took a life of its own when it came into my hands.

Side-story: I didn't intend to share it when I made it initially. As will.i.om mentioned, the top row of the q is missing from the preview. That's only so in the preview. The q is perfectly fine in the editor. No amount of editing tricks I could think of would fix it. Eventually I gave up. And forgot about this fs.

Back to Planet Kosmos thing: Yesterday I logged-in as minimum because I had an idea for a new fs. Upon logging-in, I found this fs on top of all others. So forgotten this fs was that I wondered why I hadn't shared it? So I whipped up a sample and shared it. Not until I read your comment did the PK connection come back to me. My first instinct was to unshare it immediately because it is never my intention to rip anyone off. Then I thought that the mistake has already been made—time to own up to it.

Depending on general concencus, I'll keep it up, unshare, or outright delete it. I'd like to hear everyone's views about it.

PS: Thanks.

@will.i.om (FS HAX0R): Maybe you can exploit this new glitch to work out a substractive stack? Also, thanks for clearing up the 'abysmal' reference. It surely had me confused. Looking forward to your take on the ultrabold.

@elmo: Thanks for the support and appreciation. :-)

That's all for my time on the soap box.
Comment by minimum 4th june 2011
Comment by minimum 5th june 2011
nice play with the kerning and overlapping glyphs

Love this font a lot
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 5th june 2011
So much more sophisticated than Planet Kosmos. Really pleased you shared it. 10/10. I think FS users should do more interpretive versions of relatively known fonts. Not completely similar but with tweaks and twists. Have you though of breaking a few rules with the 'z', or adding some thin serifs to the top & bottom of the 'f'?
Comment by djnippa 5th june 2011
I'm with djnippa. Would you think about that?
Comment by elmoyenique 6th june 2011
Comment by minimum 6th june 2011
Thanks for the likes everyone. So you think the differences between this fs and Planet Kosmos qualifies it to stay shared?

@Nippa: Awesome suggestion with the z. That necessitated other angular cuts to propagate through the font. The new x X and s S work so much better now. Thanks.
Comment by minimum 6th june 2011
This is a wonderful and original design in its own right regardless of the original inspiration. Please keep sharing!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 7th june 2011
For those interested, visit the homepage of Planet Kosmos
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 7th june 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs no escape” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 8th june 2011
Thanks, Rob. :-)
Comment by minimum 8th june 2011
Comment by laynecom 16th june 2011
I think it is quiet different to planet kosmos. It’s tighter, sharper and much faster!
And it is great fun, as everything I write looks like a title of a action movie … so cool!
Comment by Tylo 21st june 2011
Thanks, Rob.
Thanks, laynecom.
Thanks, Tylo.
Comment by minimum 21st june 2011
I made this five years ago from a planet kosmos variant I once had but cannot find it anymore.
Comment by foodchaiNN 3rd december 2013

Looks like the cover of an Ian Pooley album

Comment by SakanaOji 19th january 2019

@Neoqueto 20% cooler, judging by your icon

Comment by SakanaOji 19th january 2019

super men

Comment by ORLANDOMEN 12th august 2019

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