zwire blk eYe/FS

by elmoyenique
Cloned from zwire eYe/FS by elmoyenique. See also Hack2 by xandercage.

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Very nice.

Just my 2 pence worth - maybe try widening the upper and lowercase M and W. I can understand why you haven't, but I think it may work in your favour.
Comment by chr.s 18th november 2010
@ chr.s: Again, thank you very much. You saw it better than me. Once again your advice has improved my work and I thank you. I have stretched the "M" and "W" of the upper case and also I have also expanded a little "m" and "w" in lower case. What you think now? Really, I think it all work well, like you said. Thanks again.
Comment by elmoyenique 18th november 2010
It looks to me like you've adjusted them just right.

The only other aspect that may need improving are the accents on the extended set. However, being (sadly) an English-only speaker, they may not pose such an obstacle to those who can read them in context. I'm not an ideal person to pass comment in this instance.

But I think in all you've made some very clever, and some very interesting choices with this one - and above all, it reads relatively well for a display font with such character.
Comment by chr.s 18th november 2010
Thank you very much, and don't worry about the diacritics, I am working on them.
Comment by elmoyenique 18th november 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “zwire blk eYe/FS” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 18th november 2010
Oops you forgot to fill the Z!
Comment by 3moDuDe 18th november 2010
Comment by elmoyenique 18th november 2010
@meek & FS Staff: Thanks a lot for distinguish my font "zwire blk eYe/FS" with a wonderful TP.
@3moDuDe: The "Z" unfilled is a strange glitch by FS (emergency aid, technical staff, please!). Type "(" to write it well, please. And thanks.
Comment by elmoyenique 18th november 2010
very funky. unusual choices and results that work very well together to create this wonderful font that is retro but also very contemporary. i like both version, but for some reason favor zwire eYe/FS. try copying the glyph into an empty space, delete the original Z, then copy the copy back into the Z glyph - make sense? it should work, i cloned and tried it and it appears correctly. congrats on the TP. more outstanding work.
Comment by funk_king 18th november 2010
@fk: Solved! Thanks for your help, compañero. Now seems to have solved the problem with "Z", I had already tried what you say but I got no good result; it has been when you have said and -wow!- FS has returned to work correctly for me! You are a kind of talisman, I'm sure.
Comment by elmoyenique 18th november 2010
@funk_king & neurone error: Oh! I'm really happy to meet me with the naughty boys... I leave you alone a few hours and you both start to play with my fonts and fiddling around... And do you do with all that my font to grow! You are incorrigible! And that's why I adore you. Thank you very much for these gifts (and still play with my fonts, please, when you want). I feel grateful when people so important to me as you are look at my work... And you also use some of your priceless time in making its grow!. A lot of thanks again, compañeros.
I'm talking here about these nice fonts:
"BubbleZwrap" ( and "00ne Zwrappearing (for Elmoyenique&Funk_King)" (
See all, please, enjoy and learn.
Comment by elmoyenique 22nd november 2010

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