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An unspectacular 3x3 pixel font. Made on an iPod Touch!!! The "Cloud Browse" app, available from the US iTunes, allows you to use Flash websites on iPod Touches and iPhones. The free account (nothing else available yet) cuts you off every few minutes which is very annoying, so you have to work fast and save very often. Keyboard shortcuts don't work as far as I could see and I couldn't work out how to do drag and drop, but basic FontStructing is possible and surprisingly easy.


I think the first ever FontStruction made entirely on an iPod Touch. Made in a great hurry (see description) with fumbling fingers so pretty awful.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 25th may 2010
look more like a ART PERFORMANCE :)

maybe you could have filmed you ! and put it in accéléré
(not sure about english verbs tense)

classy 3x3 pixel font. nice job
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 25th may 2010
Nice one Mr M. Squeezing those tech boundaries 'til they cry uncle :)
Comment by p2pnut 25th may 2010
Bravo! It is quite an achievement, given Steve Jobs stubborn rejection to let Flash run on its iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad devices.

However, I don't see the point to give positive publicity to a company which consistently trashes Flash, the very platform Fontstruct depends on. Flash is more than just banner ads and video on the net. Flash is a robust cross-platform development tool for Rich Internet Applications; its ActionScript 3.0 is a fully fledged object-oriented programming language. Every fontstructor should know about Flash' superior font rendering capability. We all know Flash is great, as it continues to evolve and adapt to the new environment, it will stay with us for many years to come. I can't wait to see the first font created on an Android based device with fingertips. Hopefully, Rob is already working on the multitouch version of Fontstruct 3.0.

(See my previous rant on the iPad here: Optill 3B )
Comment by Frodo7 25th may 2010
Like this?
Comment by elmoyenique 25th may 2010
@Upixel yes you're right, a video would make sense. next time i’m FontStructing on the iPod i'll see if i can record it.

@Frodo7 I didn't intend to promote either the app or the device. It was just a bit of fun. It did show to me how easy it would be to use FontStruct on a small multitouch device which really supported Flash. I'm looking forward to seeing FontStructions made on Android and other systems.

@elmoyenique thanks for the suggestions. next time I'm FontStructing on the ipod i'll try and make some adjustments to the design. The first time around I was only interested in getting to the end of the alphabet as quickly as possible ;-)
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 26th may 2010
I actually can't. It doesn't load for me on my iPad. I am right now on it
Comment by malavika 16th february 2011
@malavika // Did you read the description?
Comment by demonics 22nd october 2012
« Made on an iPod Touch!!! » Wow !
G is quite acceptable, good job !
R is too stylised to my taste.
Please, more chrs when you can…
where you can (smartwatch ?-))
Comment by dpla 8th march 2013

Oh no...

Someone made 3x3 before me...

Comment by Prepper 17th november 2016

I love the community, Rob Meek may you comment on my work for suppport? Thx

Comment by Floppy T 10th october 2017

FS Congratulations on the

10th anniversary!

Comment by Wataru (Wataru Aiso) 2nd april 2018


Comment by KyooshiFonts 17th may 2018

it is ok if i make a fontstruct out of you?

Comment by Capacelan (Crazyhex) 28th september 2018

It's probably part of the logo fonts, Crazyhex

Comment by anonymous-1520403 29th september 2018

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