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Doesn't it look ugly? Yes, it does >:D. Fat, wide and unreadable. And the worst. That's the reason why I love it.
Info: Created on 6th April 2010 . Last edited on 16th May 2012.
License Creative Commons
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I ABSOLUTELY don't think this font is ugly NOR unreadable (but many people say the same about my fonts, so I am not sure to be the best reference). An (at last) uncanny blocky font that needs courage to be made and read, and wich opens the door to a unique aesthetic world.
At pixel size, it looks like an old Vasarely abstract painting, and then you read the words, like by magick. I think you could make Big size prints, it would very much like abstract patterns, but actually there would be "messages" hidden in the "paintings. A great part of my artistic works function like this.
Definitely an excellent work !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 8th April 2010

Many thanks. I have written above - "ugly and unreadable" in an intention to underline the whole character of font.

And there is an example of use:
Comment by Neoqueto 8th April 2010
beautiful sample for sure
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 8th April 2010
went back looking at it, don't understand why nobody seems to have appreciated this intelligent, extraordinary design. For me undoubtly, despite its difficult to read aspect, your best work so far, at least as impressive as your easier to receive because more familiar Sector 017 everyone (me included) loved here. People are too much unadventurous in front of the not familiar and truly new. They do not know what they are loosing here.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 24th April 2010
Neoqueto, I used LDR#0 in my series of conceptual digital paintings "Gene Type" where the words BLOOD DATA FLUX MORPH form a family :
-The 2 O of Blood form the eyes of the father, the T of Data his nose, the U of Flux his mouth, the R of Morph his body;
-The second O and the D of Blood form the eyes of the mother (she's eye-in-eye with her man), the second A of Data form her nose, the X of Flux her mouth, the H of Morph her body;
-The B and L of Blood form the eyes of the child, the D of data his nose, the F of Flux his mouth, the M of Morph his body;
-The first A of data form the eye in profile of the pet, the L of Flux its nose, the O of Morph its mouth, the P of Morph the end of its body partly hidden by the R.

They are all in a shematized wagon so that when the digital prints are exposed together, they form a train. This work, behind its joyful colours and childish forms, is talking about eugenism, about dark pages of humanity and about how with the phenomenal progesses of technology in the genetic domain, this could be far more worse and nightmarish than it was in the 1930-1940s if all this should start again
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 24th April 2010
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 24th April 2010
The title of the series "GENE TYPE", plays on two levels : The type of gene, but also the the type of "type", because each family uses only one font that gives her her "genes". So this is surely my graphic series that is the most linked to what we are doing here.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 24th April 2010
GOOD LUCK NEOQUETO FOR THE CAREER OF LDR#0 ON DAFONT.COM! I hope you will find there more than the only one fan you found here, this astounding work really deserves it ! ! !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 5th May 2010
Whoa. I didn't knew you're tracking my job here, on and that I've got fans (>:D). I feel so... appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry for my long time of absence. Now (here, in Poland, is 3:18) I found some time until I will go to sleep to answer you (in my broken-english, I hope you'll understand).

Can you tell me a more about "GENE TYPE" artwork series? Are you publishing them somewhere? Maybe you could drop me an url? I tried to Google them, but I didn't found anything.

And back to the BDFM - the word "data" except the T - looks like a father's moustache... Mixed up with mother's mouth. It's so personal to me, well, I had not got a pet ever, but the model of my family was the same, until my father died (he had moustache). For me, the colours are so tearful too... Oh, I hate you, N.E. - I had a beautiful day, I wanted to jump down into a bed and fall asleep without nightmares... Now, the rest (I mean - 5 - 10 minutes) of present day are ruined by this sad picture (that's ok, me kidding).

He said that my concept of design is intelligent! What an achievement!
Comment by Neoqueto 7th May 2010
Dear Neoqueto, this was a very emotional moment here, moments like this make us can feel that Fontstruct is a little bit more than a software or a typographers site. I'm sorry for your father, hope that you had some time for your mourning and that all this didn't hurt you too much.

GENE TYPE will be integrated in my sort of catalogue raisonné untitled TESTAMENT CONCENTRANT presented in a limited edition series of fascicules. I recently made a long comment about it on the page of Frodo7 font called "Études pour Noir et Blanc 02B", you should check it. Maybe one day some courageous gallerist would like to exhibit Gene Type, but this is not on the spot for now.

Fontstruct is the first place where I show my work on Internet, I am not very much at ease with the medium (and with the "communication" things in general, modern or not). Fontstruct is the first community I integrate.

I am very glad you liked the colors, you can not imagine how this was difficult to obtain, how many formulas I tried, for the two years since I began working on Gene Type the concept changed many times (and each time I had to redo all the series from the very begining) from a black and white mixing only two figures to this very elaborated concept. And the combinations of colors mutated in parallel.

Maybe I am going to make you feel a bit more appreciated but working on LDR#0 I improved once again the colors of 4 characters, so I had to adapt this to the entire series, my time to hate you Neoqueto (me kidding, too). In return, I placed the LDR#0 work at the head of the series, it is the new number one. Now this has to be the very last evolution of the concept, because I am going to put it on the TESTAMENT, wich I decided to do to at last make things more definitive, hence the title.

Like I said to Frodo7, this will take time untill I can issue the first series of fascicules of the TESTAMENT CONCENTRANT, some months I'm afraid, I have so much work left, but when the fascicule cataloguing the GENE TYPE series will be printed, I will be pleased to send a dedicated copy to you.

Have a nice day Neoqueto.

Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 7th May 2010
This one of Neoqueto also deserved a hundred times a TOP PICK ! It changed the vision of eternally alike counterless fonts in a really clever way !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 12th September 2010
@neurone error. I think you should keep your requests to those that are appealing to others, not just yourself. It might be wise to be a little more select on your decisions. You wouldn't want your shouting turning into an annoying nagging 'child like' pestering now would you? People will just switch off from your choices, if you bring attention to a font that doesn't deserve the recognition.
Comment by djnippa 12th September 2010
Ok ! Only Master DjNippa knows what deserves and doesn't deserve. I'll stop then. My voice has not any weight here. Sorry Ssaamm and Neoqueto, i've made my best but was not a good enough defender for these, i persist, amazing works !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 12th September 2010
It seems that the only way you can change the view on Top Picks is joining the FS team, but everyone's voice has some weight though.

@DJNippa: Others... Hmmm... I believe that everyone in the FS team who's responsible in giving Top Picks represent some people who have certain taste. Of course their range don't (and never will) reach some some really bizarre and badly made creations. This is the main reason why NE is doing such things.

@NE: Thank you for you words, but I think you should ask the authors of the fonts you think they're great about their intentions. By the way, you guessed the purpose of LDR#0 pretty well xD. And of course the one basic rule - speak only about yourself, don't impose your opinion on others. The war is not over soldier! Making FONTS is a much better weapon than posting COMMENTS!

Alright, maybe the whole quarrel over this topic should end here? I don't want the comments function to be turned off (I've experienced it many times on many forums, sites).
Comment by Neoqueto 13th December 2010
Wise words Neoqueto. I'm touched by your vision. Your little soldier will continue. But in an other way. And in another place, with the creation of my pro foundry. Meet you there very soon. I think i've given enough here, it's time to pass on the next level. :0)
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 13th December 2010
Some great shapes here, and I agree with ne; shame for this not getting much attention!
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 23rd April 2012
@Yautja : Glad at last someone else than me defends this gem of a fontstruction !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 23rd April 2012
After more than two years since the release of this one... I've realized that M looked exactly like W. Fixed, lol.
Comment by Neoqueto 16th May 2012
Every glyph of this font is like a heavy brick. It becomes somewhat readable when put in large quantities.

This work reminds me of works of The Designer Republic, only stronger and heavier.

Well, that's a hard font overall, and because of it's nature it's beautiful and unique.
Comment by TomoAlien 16th July 2012
I have a lot of respect for tDR and the legacy they have left behind. First time I met their designs was a PlayStation game called WipEout 3. Actually, almost all of my fonts are at least a bit inspired by The Designers Republic. Especially in this one, as far as I remember, I was trying to rebulid the intensity of their great creations. How. Did. You. Know.


How about a "redux" version of LDR#0?
Comment by Neoqueto 17th July 2012
Very cool! Like the squarish! And perfect for logos!
Comment by cablecomputer 17th July 2012

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