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See also Erika deco by zen_killa.

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Hello FS i release this font now, my first attempt to create a "gothic" font. All comments are welcome !!!! happy to have the time to share fonts again. zen


Good work zen. You have some really cool glyphs in here...I really like the @.

One suggestion...make the space character a little bit wider.
Comment by aphoria 23rd December 2009
thanks aphoria.
the space have been update now :) when i'll have time i'll do a sample of this font
Comment by zen_killa 23rd December 2009
Beautiful work.Most of your letters are superb (E,F,B,W,X). Having only very few horizontal strokes across the set, the Z,z pair looks a bit stranger there. I know this problem with "gothic" Z well, it caused me a lot of headache. The text sample is very nice (minor spacing issues only, you can't really handle with FS) with an exquisite wavy look. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 23rd December 2009

There are some very nice glyphs here. It seems to me though, like the overall design is just not very consistent with its use of shapes and angles. It causes the text to look a little bit awkward.

The general shape of some characters appear more flat and square, while others have a distinct left slant, some have a more subtle left slant, and some even have a right slant - and a few have a mix of slants and flats or curves that give a more ragged feel.

All of the characters are done quite well, but as a set I feel like they are kind of all over the place.

Oh yeah, the space still feels a little small, but it is in large part due to any words beginning with J. Because you've made your J hang out behind the character's starting point (which I don't think will work when you actually DL the font anyway).

Also the sequence IJ (caps or lowercase) looks quite a bit like Y at smaller sizes.

I Hope I am not being way to harsh or anything, I really don't mean to be - I actually do like the font or I wouldn't be here right now.

I am also not any sort of expert on Gothic fonts so I could be totally wrong about everything, in which case I can't wait to find that out.

Comment by linehand 23rd December 2009
Thanks Frodo7 for your comment, actually the Zz gives me headache !!!

Thanks linehand ! Actually that's my first attemp to create a gothic font. I've changed the ij IJ sequence right now to make it clearer. Thanks for your advice.

Comment by zen_killa 8th January 2010
Good work zen
Comment by ACERTIJOF 14th February 2010

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