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This is the first ever FontStruction. A simple pixel font based on a 6 x 8 matrix of squares.


This is a nice neat font. Good for the first one.
Comment by subway24 30th june 2008
I think you need to improve that
Latin Extended A
Comment by JH34 29th july 2008
Just testing the comment form.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 2nd july 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “The First FontStruction” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009
Wow is this really the first one? Neat font looks like mine :)
Comment by At-At-Guy 2nd july 2010
wow... it was made in 2007

before i was here (this first font that made by meek), i was looking for the first fontstruction using the "everything" list. I kept clicking the high number of lists. How stupid =_="
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 19th march 2011
Tribute to The First FontStruction

I found when it maybe the first appears on the internet!

Comment by cablecomputer 20th february 2012
Comment by cablecomputer 20th february 2012
OMG i commented on THE FIRST EVER FONT! hat an hounor
Comment by mpdr 20th february 2012
As one of the 'dwarfs who stand on the shoulders of giants', it's nice to see the original shoulders :)
Comment by p2pnut 20th february 2012
Brilliant! We need more people to make fonts like this one. Small, but AWESOME! :D
Comment by anonymous-0 28th october 2012
lolwut,made by FontStruct stuff?!?
Comment by ngbeslhang 16th february 2013

and its 2016...

Comment by LandonWang 26th december 2016

now it's 2017

Comment by ttg16777216 29th december 2017

♥ 2018!

@Aeolien: 6-dot of width… (only as a base, all right!)
@ttg16777216: useful comment! ;-)


• 7 x-height is very legible (and looks like 'retro'*);

• + 5-dot numerics (disambiguation; 3-dot "1" );

• + wider (hacks):
· 7-dot ("MW" and "€")
· 8-dot (e.g. "@Ø")
· 9-dot ("mw" and "%");

• + narrower letters (esp. 1-dot "i" and 2-dot "l")
  and punctuations (of course);

• Final -extremely proportional- matrix: ~ 9 × 14
(= still low-res, * but not quite '8-bit' compatible).

More rigid clones are easily imaginable (if allowed),
for instance from the strict rule of 6-dot of width…
(although the user might get used to the compression.)

Comment by dpla 5th january 2018

well in answer to Anonymous-o I made a 98 character 5 BY 7 pixel font that stays STRICTLY at or under the Five By Seven size... and this is good I think there was a 5 by 7 font that predates this whole font making place here, and there might have even been one with lower case uppercase and symbols like mine, but If there was every any "official" one I do not know.

Comment by KaliGrapher 21st august 2018

Good! I like the q with a tail! Make more fonts with q with tails, or not.

Comment by Joseph McKay (CaillouFanJoseph) 27th october 2018

Here is a copy!

Comment by Joseph McKay (CaillouFanJoseph) 27th october 2018

Looks like history lol

Comment by JingYo 8th december 2018

 Now it is 2020

Comment by Fontio 15th january 2020

Dude, that's a sweet font. Kinda looks like mine but it's okay, this one's more "pixelized" than mine but I appreciate the effort. Try contributing to Google Fonts now.

Comment by RDTurcios 14th march 2020

my name and icon says that im Logan2020.... but im in 2021!

Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 23rd january 2021

Yeh it's 2021

Comment by Hensley Dodson (Hensilly) 24th january 2021

Also the first top pick! (funny how its a top pick when its made by the most active staff member and top picks have to be picked by staff lol)

Comment by oscarblox 4th february 2021


Comment by IheartRussian 20th march 2021

first comment in 13 years here

Comment by _ShevaKadu 19th october 2021

HELLO 2022

Rob meek, you should add:




Comment by lucapri 26th april 2022

and add arabic alphabet too

Comment by KnZahid300 10th december 2022

Yea... that'll be impossible in a 6x8 matrix usig only the pixel.

Comment by lucapri 25th december 2022


Comment by lucapri 30th december 2022

no its not 2023 yet, @lucapri, when you comment it's not 2023

Comment by pongggggggg 29th january 2023

2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by pongggggggg 29th january 2023

i arleady know that and you are late

Comment by lucapri 29th january 2023

Are we still on about the font?

Comment by DecearingEgg 8th march 2023

maybe add greek?

Comment by lucapri 28th may 2023

Rated a 7/10. Many glyphs that need to be improved a little bit, and also, this font needs more glyphs.

Comment by Europe2048 1st september 2023

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