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LITERA FACILIOR GOTI ― A 'Blackletter' script style with a twist

Also known as Gothic script, Gothic Minuscule, or Textura, was a script used throughout Western Europe from approx. the 12th untill the 17th century.

This FontStruction was aimed at mimicing the aesthetic approach of a ― ‘Textura’ variant of the Gothic Minuscule script style, more accuratly refered to as ‘Littera Textualis’. This style is most characterized by its strong sturdy letterforms, with distinguishing sharp, straight and angular features as oposed to the other variations in this catagory.

In terms of authenticity to the original predecessing formal script family, my ‘Litera Facilior Goti’ didn't took a whole lot of care for authenticity. The idea was to take a more independent and experimental approach to shaping the letters and forms, so it wasn't necessarily inspired by any specific typeface in particular, it rather recycles certain characteristics of a ‘Textualis Quadrata’, but beyond those aspects of general guidelines it evolved on its own.

Some of the areas where the design tends to really stray away from the tradition is for example the serifs:

It's often that I have some trouble with the weight ratio distribution of serifs and such elements in simplified modular based geometric Blackletter fonts. In many of such designs they tend to have been left pretty static and equal in thickness throughout the full character set. Which I think is often either having some letters look clumsy or even weird, and generally speaking also often making them appear too thick.

So this was one of the things I had to try and adress, I experimented a little with the style and forms of the serifs. Eventually this resulted in multiple deviations in variety to mix and create a more dynamic distribution. similar to what was done in less formal scripts. Over time they became ever further simplified, letterforms that involved less reorientation of the pen, in pursuit of styles that were quicker to write.

But taken as a whole typeface I find that it is having this certain ‘random-ish’ characteristic that is simply working for the better of these particular style fonts.

I'm still working on improving its overall rhymes and reasons to a certain point that is acceptable, balanced and with enough consistency. But up to this stage I personally think that the concept worked out quite successfully so far. And that even despite the fact that its stripped down of most ornamental decorative calligraphic extravaganza, it still managed to capture a convincing portion of that ‘Medieval ’ looks and personal flavour.

But I think that in the end this became a pretty neat looking font and it would classify somewhere between a hybrid mix of simplified Blacklettering and a drunken man's ‘Textualis’.


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Have been spending the majority of yesterday and today within this cloned version of the font for troubleshooting and performing numerous surgical procedures that might effectively cancel out the repeadetly returning infestation, but sadly to no result.
Having the repaired original version aside, that I still couldn't touch yet without causing it to corrupt once more. And unless I found a working solution that would once more enable me to make any changes to the font, and successfuly save it without ruining everything again. And its not just that, this also required to be transferable from the cloned version back into the original font. But whatever I tried, nothing ensured the maintaining of its complete integrity.
So after I ren tired of having to face yet another round of intensive labour done for nothing more than just another load of dissapointments I decided to simply just go and manually address the affected parts of the font in a last effort to get it fixed.

First by rebuilding the part in isolation, than manually deleting the bad segment before dragging the newly build part back into its original location. And simply repeated this with every affected glyph, until I successfully repaired the complete font.
This was by far the most demanding of all repair procedures to execute, and I was getting very close to throwing the towel in the ring and just surrender. So, going down this road meant some serious extra drag that was pulling on my patience when it came to dealing with this issue.
So when the time arrived to hit that "Save" button again I couldn't say I was experiencing a huge deal of positivity, and honestly I rather wished I didn't had to take yet another jumping leap of faith.

But, to my pleasant surprise this time everything remained intact after I saved the clone (wow). So to make sure I had it right this time, I reloaded it once more into FS's-editor to test and see if I could successfuly make new changes and saving the font without again going haywire on me, and.... "holy crap on a cracker". It still did not corrupt again. The only remaining thing that was left to do is getting it back over into the original font as well without that one laying in ruins afterwards. Sadly I wasnt able to successfully get this done as well, the original font keeps failing on me for some reason, and I think this has something to do with the innitial reckless and dumb idea I had to perform the Shift+T command when I discovered the corruption. I think this in response irrecoverably had embed the issue into the font. Because saving even a unedited vesion of the 'repaired' original will result in the same corrupted font.

And I don't feel like going through the shitty process of copu/paste 300+ characters manually from one version into the other, it had already ate more than a fair share of my time by now.. It seems like the clone is performing as should, so I consider the original version simply a loss and will be taken offline. Instead I will resume work on this cloned version.

Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022

I am too tired to make new additional samples at this point in time, I will include additional extra samples of all stuff that was newly added into the font (hopefully) tomorrow.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it and don't hate me too much for my spamming behaviour during the last day when dealing with all these turmoils.


Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_LITERA FACILIOR GOTI” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 3rd october 2022

Congrats on this hard TP! I don't know what the exact problem is when using Shift+T, but I avoid typing it.

Comment by elmoyenique 3rd october 2022

Wow, thank you so much for the TP boss!! 

☛   Such a releve that eventually after some headaces it became reliable to work with again.

¶   One quick thing that needs to be mentioned is that I originally stated in the font's descrition above that it was a "drastically simplified" modernized take on a Medieval script is no longer what this work in reality look like..

¶   Now that there is a much denser population of little decorative elements and variational depth present in each of the glyphs, things like ascends and descends became so much more dynamic. Result is that it could no longer classify as simplistic and modernized.

¶   Adding to this quicly evolved nature of it's stylistic trajectory, are it's included (and still growing) collection of traditional Medieval typeset material and punctuation marks, A collection that is dedicated to the early evolution of the punctuation system. Both this and the increased stylization and decorations have had a significant impact on the overal essence and distinctive characteristic of the typeface.

The more changes that were made, the further it strayed from its original concept. Up to a point that simplistic nor modernized still accuratly describes the font, or even correctly for that matter.

☞   So I need to revisit the font's description field at the top of the page..

Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022

@elmoyenique: Thank you too mate, and yeah, I should've known better not to do it obviously.. ― *Panic attack*


Comment by Sed4tives 3rd october 2022


Comment by shiojensen01 7th october 2022


Comment by ladanali 18th october 2022

Sturdy blackletter with a lot of interesting details.

Comment by four 23rd october 2022

@four: Thanks mate!

Comment by Sed4tives 25th october 2022


Comment by Hasan kicir 18th october 2023

Ill give for you free two camels plus month oil, ok?

Comment by Sed4tives 18th october 2023


Comment by shlawgWRLD Sat, 6th april

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