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My first try at FontStruct Calligraphy.
(on a non-pixel optimized font)
A very rational/FS grid.

21.09.09 Added Upper Case.
Next Step: Ligatures


Comment by cayo 19th august 2009
very stylish with a retro feel. nice job :)
Comment by funk_king 19th august 2009
Who do you think inspired it, whip_king?
Comment by cayo 19th august 2009
Excellent cayo.
Comment by aphoria 19th august 2009
Very nice.
Comment by djnippa 20th august 2009
lol. good thing i didn't say it was sexy as h3ll too :)
Comment by funk_king 20th august 2009
imagine if you had...

nip&aph thx, the creative streak is hitting hard lately. it's flowing around FS & it's very contagious.
Comment by cayo 20th august 2009
Looking good cayo. The creative spark is bursting into flames :-)

Perhaps we'll have to start a rehab section for fontaddicts
Comment by p2pnut 20th august 2009
wow your on a roll, this looks amazing!
Comment by jmarquez 20th august 2009
Comment by Frodo7 20th august 2009
Can´t wait to see the Uppercase...This is really "großartig" ;-)
Comment by Magic Sam 20th august 2009
Beautiful! Nice sample:). Very well done!
Comment by starburst 20th august 2009
Thx guys. Your comments are very appreciated.

Mr Pnut (hehe just kidding), I believe the 1st of the 12 steps is recognizing myself as an addict.

Cayo: Hi, I'm Cayo & I'm a Fontstructor.
Everybody in chorus: Hi, Cayo!

But who wants to quit? I still have to get one more hit. err. glyph. actually 26 plus accents!

Sam, I can´t wait either!
Comment by cayo 20th august 2009
hey cayo, i thought the chorus was - they tried to make me go to rehab, but i said, no, no, no!
Comment by funk_king 20th august 2009
Comment by cayo 20th august 2009
Well I just had to do the uc in order to get some rest (to my impatient mind). So I had my fix for the time being and now I need to sleep a little bit.
Hope the uc is up for the challenge.

I'll do a sample when I wake up...
Comment by cayo 21st august 2009
oh, yes. you nailed the uc bro. very very nice.
Comment by funk_king 21st august 2009
The uppercase are well worth the wait. Way to go, cayo!:)
Comment by starburst 21st august 2009
Nice upper-case! and lower-case. It's an awesome font. Great job, my friend!
Comment by jinx 21st august 2009
You sure give good u/c :-)
Comment by p2pnut 21st august 2009
Comment by cayo 22nd august 2009
Thx guys for encouraging me to improve it.

After checking out the outcome of the sample, I thought I might add a little detail to the S

I feel the next step should be to work on the ligatures.
Boy, this is going to be fun!
Comment by cayo 22nd august 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “FontScript” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 25th august 2009
:) This is quite a surprise!
Nice to see you around, Stewf.
Thx for the pink dot.
I'm doing my research on possible ligatures for it. So far, the o+s is a must! I hope they get your aproval, too.
As everybody's, of course ;)
Comment by cayo 25th august 2009
Excuse me. But um how do you make those pictures that are your font like the first comment of yours Cayo?
Comment by Electricgator 25th august 2009
They are uploaded pictures I did with the downloaded font. It's just that they use the same color as the background, therefore they seem like posted text.
In case you wonder how it is done...
First you must download the font and put the ttf file in your System's or User's Fonts Folder. Then use Photoshop (or Gimp which is free to use) and create a new file that is 380 px wide (the widest available for image posting in FS) and 600+ px high (this depends on how long the text will be).
Use the type tool an be imaginative.
Save as jpg gif or png file, upload it & presto!
Comment by cayo 25th august 2009
Okay thank you Cayo that is very helpful. :) have you looked at my fonts?
Comment by Electricgator 26th august 2009
:O amazing!
Comment by jmarquez 26th august 2009
Bravo! Je suis muet d'admiration. D'ailleurs je me tais.
Comment by clem86 26th august 2009
@Electrigator you're welcome & yes.
@jmarquez :) thanks
@clem86 merci, mais je ne parle pas françois ;)
Comment by cayo 27th august 2009
This is straight up delightful! Zoomed in real big, I see all the care you took on the inner curves, like using the smaller rounded corners, or sometimes none at all. Spectacular work!
Comment by nemoorange 27th august 2009
Very flattering, thanks for noticing :)
Comment by cayo 28th august 2009
Very elegant and 60's fashioned. It's strange how the "old" things are today the modern things.
Comment by chavez ravine 3rd september 2009

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