by geneus1

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These fontstructions come resurrected thanks to Aphoria's trick of editing on a full screen with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox. Originally inspired by Funk King back when everyone was releasing 3D fontstructions. I gave up because it was too much of a hassle to scroll up and down to edit a full glyph. Now, not so much. Frodo7's Sierpinski series has also given me new ideas for rendering alternate letter forms. Can you see what I'm talking about?

Dash=Small Spacer
Underline=Large Spacer
Less Than= Small Opener
Greater Than=Small Closer
Left Parenthesis= Large Opener
Right Parenthesis= Large Closer
HyperLynk Up
HyperLynk Down


Letters drawn in the isometric space.
Though you did not mention, Hyperlynk is a clear reference to M.C. Escher's Cubic Space Division, 1952. And how splendid! 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 26th march 2010
I would have given up after the a! This is a tremendously dizzy architectural font, congrats. The eye can explore the interlace ad infinitum. But didn't you forget to blacken the central cube of the z ?
Comment by igorrossi 26th march 2010
Just a big "tour de force"! Thanks for show us this hidden place of typography.
Comment by elmoyenique 27th march 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “HyperLynk” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 29th march 2010
It's geneus, for sure.
Comment by thalamic 30th march 2010
@Frodo: Thanks for the source. I forgot where it came from after all this time.

@elmoyenique, @afrojet, @thalamic: Thanks for the generosity!

@igorrossi: After the initial background pattern was established, the rest was pretty easy. I didn't forget to blacken the Z. Z is a rebel. Z was always complaining that I was trying to take away his individuality, talking about how he's a non-conformist and isn't about to look like everyone else just because its the "in" thing to do. He'll do anything to stand out. But I'll see if he can change his ways.
Comment by geneus1 2nd april 2010
Zs will be Zs.
Comment by igorrossi 2nd april 2010
Makes me think of a phospholipid bilayer!!!
Comment by OsyenVyeter 1st october 2014

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