by cayo

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A bold & funky font with inside lines.
Based on a 1.78 filter so the rounded corner squares would fit with the quarter circles. Diagonals end up narrowing the inside lines, so I tried to used them as less as possible.
Accents designed in case they are absolutely necessary; suggestions are welcome on how to improve them.

17.08.09 Modified j and added an alternative j instead of ® and also a special dj ligature instead of ©. Question marks redesigned.


Comment by cayo 16th august 2009
Looks good and works really well in the example.
Comment by p2pnut 16th august 2009
Very nice. I especially like the accents.
Comment by thalamic 16th august 2009
Wow, excellent stuff. Future retro feel about it. 10.
Comment by djnippa 16th august 2009
Comment by SquarePeg 16th august 2009
wow. this is a smooth groove. and has a very organic feel -even more impressive in light of the different filter setting. and looks very versatile as well. nice sample and quote. you and willie rock :)
Comment by funk_king 16th august 2009
Very playful & funky.
Comment by Magic Sam 16th august 2009
Thx guys! you rock, otherwise this font would have never popped out of my mind:
When I first started here I just did pixelfonts I could use in my flash projects, but then looking (staring) at the FSions created by you guys & the rest of the FS crew made me explore the possibilities a little bit more: brick stacking, filtering, even sample creation with good quotes (O_- Magic Sam).
The hardest part is to keep up with funk_king´s production ratio :D
@thal thx for the accent support: it is the only way (so far) I can get away with them, so I´m glad you like them.
Comment by cayo 16th august 2009
so simple and yet so freaking cool!
really like this one a lot, well done Cayo!
Comment by jmarquez 17th august 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “funkadelia” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 17th august 2009
... and well worth the TP :-)
Comment by p2pnut 17th august 2009
On using the font, the 'j' doesn't work so well for me. I think it may be better below the line like the 'g'. Any chance of a alternative?
Comment by djnippa 17th august 2009
Geez TP! Muito obrigado, Don Ferreira.
@jmarquez i'm stoked you like it that freaking much :)
@p2pnut thx for the vote of confidence
and last but not least @djnippa:
You know? I wasn't quite pleased with the j, so I took your advice and made one that goes below the line and put the older one where the ® should be (& I also upped the tail to match x-height) and as a special feature I added a dj ligature inspired by you, of course :)
it is placed instead of the ©
hope you like them!
Comment by cayo 17th august 2009
Very nice piece of work!
Comment by four 26th june 2012
and it inspired me to experiment with 1.78 filter.
Comment by four 4th july 2012

Wow! such a long time since I've last played in this backyard.
Thank you, Four, for reminding me to spend some time around here.

BTW I wanna see what you made
Comment by cayo 4th july 2012


Comment by josiahxfont 22nd march 2016

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