Bōblox 04

by ripoof

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Cool concept, but needs refinement. Work on consistency of line thickness, especially diagonal lines, and that's taking into account that the letters are stretched horizontally. "V" doesn't fit the style, and I know what you tried to do with "X", but it also doesn't work here. "J" takes a bit too much white space, simplify it a bit. Perhaps limit "D" to only 1 diagonal line? Lots of potential overall, very WipEout-ish. 

Comment by Neoqueto Fri, 22nd January

Also I don't know anything about Roblox, but I do know that it had that macron looking bar above the "O" in the old logotype and that translates very well to a futuristic typeface. 

Comment by Neoqueto Fri, 22nd January

Thanks @Neoqueto for the feedback. heres the image i went off on https://logos-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Roblox-Logo-2004-2005.png I'm going to implement most if not all your suggestions as soon as I can

Comment by ripoof Fri, 22nd January

Nice! I am a fan of Roblox, especially older Roblox. I think this is a good font! And it's cool how you based it off of one image. This is like the only Roblox font I could find, and I have no idea why there are 4 fonts with the "Roblox" tag.

Comment by oscarblox Thu, 4th February

Actually, wait no, theres 4 fonts with the Roblox tag and 2 of them are actually Roblox related (this one included).

Comment by oscarblox Thu, 4th February

found out i forgot to put this font up for download by checking my email lol thanks @oscarblox

Comment by ripoof Fri, 5th February

font in use 

Comment by ripoof Fri, 5th February

hey ripoof, i made a similar font. i hope you like it!

Comment by Logan2020 Thu, 11th February

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