Mjölnir Razor_FS

by SymbioticDesign

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Mjölnir Razor Copyright 2020 Doug Peters of Symbiotic Design, all rights reserved worldwide, including creative and artistic rights. Version 1.005

From the Mjölnir (Thor's war hammer) family. The Razor style denotes how sharp I made all of the lower serifs and other aspects of the design, while keeping that heavy slab hammer 'top'. 

I am a carpenter (of sorts) and this has to do with the fact that my hammer has a head divided into a blunt blow tool end and a prying end, usually for nails. I decided I wanted a version with a pry bar so sharp... GEEZ! look at that, I cut myself. Bloody hell.

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It may seem like I am trying to cheat, playing on the Mjölnir font theme, but I truly like to try different things with the same design.  Mjölnir Razor uses thin serifs on the characters below the heavy hammer like slab zone on as many characters as possible.  Whereas, Mjölnir used heavier, thicker serifs on the lowercase letters and numbers, and Flying Mjölnir (which will become "Mjölnir" family, style "Flying" when I set that up later) uses heavy serifs on as many characters as possible.

Needless to say, as I work on the new version of these fonts, I wind-up seeing issues I need to address on the old version(s).  So while it may seem that I can setup another font quickly based on another, it turns out the original font(s) I am cloning new ones from and redesigning for a new style, also get improved.

However, I would like to note that certain things may hamper the continued development of a truly new font when simply cloning from an existing font. Mjölnir had a certain design flaw that can be seen in the Mjölnir Basic personal edition (which I am no longer going to update). That font clearly shows that the internal roofline of bowls comes up short, one brick before a the top 3 brick thick slap. That is because the actual font I cloned it from was another between 'TRE45ON' and 'Mjölnir', a font yet not public called 'Cover Up & Lies' which I am still working on.

'Cover Up & Lies' is a whole different styling idea, though shared the same character structure.  But that design choice really almost ruined Mjölnir because it depended on that styling.

Someday I will finish Cover Up & Lies and you will see. But the wole point of this terribly long, drawn out story is that the design journey and the Mjölnir font metamorphosis has been, to me, a wonder. I am amazed. 

Back to your regular chatting stuff...

Comment by SymbioticDesign 8th march 2020

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