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ORIENTFAHRTEN - A semi connected script style font design.

It is losely based in the lettering seen on a poster design by German designer/painter Ottomar Carl Joseph Anton. (original shown in comments)

When completing the full alphabet I tried to incorporate the features from the provided letters the best I could while creating the remaining missing characters.

SInce its a semi connected style lettering, certain characters were deliboratly disconnect and some weren't. For example the Uppercase string is almost completelty disconnected, whereas most of the lowercase characters connect.

This can also be seen in the original Ottomar poster.

For the connected lowercase characters there has been made a alternative glyph that disconnects to make more pleasing looking breaks, and are located in the Unicode Block “Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms”.

It contains both proportional oldstyle (default) & lining numerals, with the lining located in the Unicode Block “Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms” as well.

I hope you like it!



Comment by Sed4tives 28th april 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 28th april 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 28th april 2019

Great stuff! I like the lowercase inventions.

Comment by zephram 28th april 2019

beautiful eszett and awesome samples

Comment by JingYo 28th april 2019

Nice.  Real nice.  I really like it.  I don't know if you already know (you might), but Word has trouble grabbing characters from Halfwidths and Fullwidths, for some reason.  That said, it is not a fault of the font, but Word itself and hopefully Microsoft will correct that oversight.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 28th april 2019

@ SymbioticDesign I did not know this.. thanks for telling me mate. I might relocate them to another unicode range soon...

The font got updated as well:

* Many new characters added, more will follow.

Comment by Sed4tives 28th april 2019

I still think it's the best place for most alternates, and it is only Microsoft that seems to have this issue, so I wouldn't worry about it so much.  But at least you know about it.  I am sure a new version will address the problem, Microsoft is usually pretty darn serious about fonts and supporting them.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 28th april 2019
Comment by Sed4tives 29th april 2019

Made it downloadable!


Comment by Sed4tives 3rd may 2019

[Big update 11-12-2022]

• Now with Accented Latin and full Latin-1 supplement.
• Extra Ligatures and other characters.
• Removed many of my 2019 rookie mistakes I initially made when I constructed this.
• Modified a number of characters to make slight overall improvements.
• Completely revisited (v1.0) kerning for the entire font, since it was very inconsistent.

Dayumz, should've been dome way sooner, such an improvement.

Comment by Sed4tives 12th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 12th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 12th november 2022

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