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Recap of Wim Crouwel's famous typeface design for Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum "Vormgevers" Poster that was published in 1968.

Maybe I will include the full uppercase letters soon as well.

for now,



Original typeface design by Wim Crouwel.

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd July 2018

oh I just noticed someone else here on FontStruct sort of made

a recap of this as well.  (which I obviously didn't copy)

Yet still is worth mentioning and can be found here:

steadelijk by Craig Wills (delicraig)

But instead of duplicating the original work that was designed

by Wim Crouwel himself, Craig seemed to have made a copy of

Architype Stedelijk (another recap of the famous typeface)

but, which (I think) actually was made by The Foundry.

I have exclusively used the original 1968 poster design as the source for my recap. (image bellow) 

Overal mine looks very similar to Craig's attempt apart from

three major differences,

FIRST - Mine uses a negative (-0,75) letter spacing. (to mimic the original more accuratly).

SECOND- The curved right triangles and rounded corners in my version have a smaller radius.

LAST - I have a much more complete character set and some of the glyphs are slightly different.

Comment by Sed4tives 24th July 2018

I recently watched this work up close.

Comment by Wataru (Wataru Aiso) 24th July 2018

In Japan.

Comment by Wataru (Wataru Aiso) 24th July 2018

It;s a very solid design Wim delivered. So did you enjoy the exhibit in Japan?

Comment by Sed4tives 24th July 2018

This is what a remake really is

Comment by JingYo 24th July 2018

@Sed4tives - While the FontStruct search function is broken at the moment, here are my second versions (certainly more accurate than my first attempts):

Getting Away With It 2 - Kerned

Getting Away With It 2

These are based on the lettering from Electronic's eponymous album from 1991, which was my first introduction to this wonderful typeface.  Electronic was formed as a side project by Bernard Sumner of "New Order" and Johnny Marr of "The Smiths".

My first versions consisted of only the square block, instead using filters to simulate the curves:

Getting Away With It - Kerned

Getting Away With It

Comment by Goatmeal 24th July 2018

@ Goatmeal I check them all, well done ofcourse,

I appreciate the slightly different approach u made on some of the glyphs while  I was cross-referencing them with mine.

Comment by Sed4tives 24th July 2018

ztedelijk-Crouwel, my own version of this mitic alphabet, inspired by the seminal Stedelijk Museum poster from the great Wim Crouwel (and similar other fonts, I like specially igorrossi's "Crouwel's Stedelijk Alphabeth". A tribute to all the Typographers.

Comment by elmoyenique 25th July 2018

You can use some of my UC or numbers or other shapes, if you want, of course.

Comment by elmoyenique 25th July 2018

BTW, a lot of us here we loved the Crouwel works, I see.

Comment by elmoyenique 25th July 2018

Sorry. Change "some" for "any", please.

Comment by elmoyenique 25th July 2018

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