F77 Minecraft

by anonymous-1520403

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Sorry if the sone of the Kanji is unreadable, but I have to do it within an 8x8 grid...

6200 Glyphs Reached!!

Any double vowels or vowels where there is a consanant in between them should NOT be used!!

Tamil: Use with Consanants: For the O, Use E + Consonant + Aa; for the Oo, Use Ee + Consonant + Aa; For the Au, Use E + Consonant + Au Length Mark. Use the vowels itself: For the Au, Use Oo + Vowel Sign Au Length Mark

Malayalam: Use with Consonants: For the Ai, Use E + E + Consonant; for the O, Use E + Consonant + Aa; For the Oo, Use Ee + Consonant + Aa, for the Au, Use E + Consonant + Au Length Mark. Use the vowels itself: For the Ii, Use I + Au Length Mark; for the Uu, Use U + Au Length Mark, for the Ai, Use Vowel Sign E + E, for the Oo, Use O + Vowel Sign Aa, for the Au, use O + Vowel Sign Au Length Mark.

Info: Created on 7th March 2018 . Last edited on 15th October 2018.
License Creative Commons
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This font has reached 3500 Glyphs!!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 18th March 2018

Awesome work! You captured it perfectly. The first time I saw this one, I thought "Minecraft" before I even saw the font name. I like the Cyrillic and Kanji a lot too.

Comment by zephram 18th March 2018

Thanks, zephram...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 18th March 2018

There is a new Unicode Block coming in Unicode 11 and I really, really want to add that... (along with every single kanji)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th March 2018

holy cow that's Unicode alright...

Comment by KyooshiFonts 22nd March 2018

Thanks, Kyooshi. I'm trying to beat CMunk's 7:12 Pixel. Also, Do NOT put slashes in your font names, it'll be put into folders with the name before the slash if you do...

And no, you shouldn't put backslashes, or other whitespace in font names, it might mess up the file's name...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 23rd March 2018

Adding Characters in Unicode 11...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 23rd March 2018

Reached 5400 Glyphs!!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 27th March 2018

Incredible! (Even my browser halts!)^^

Comment by dpla 31st March 2018

Fixed Ǵ and ǵ...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st April 2018
Comment by anonymous-1520403 2nd April 2018

Added Greek Polytonic Forms (Plus a capital ῤ on u+1FF0)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 5th April 2018

Added Arabic Isolated, Final, Median, and Inital Forms...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 6th April 2018

BUT... (Depending on the kind of word program you have) You may have to manually insert the forms yourself...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 6th April 2018

And F77 Minecraft is also on the Front Page of the Glyphs Section.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th April 2018

This really stunned me. I made a Latin-Exclusive Unicode font, which was not only very simplistic, but only covered "Basic Latin", "More Latin", "Extended Latin A+B" and "Even more Latin", yet I only have ~850 glyphs... you really put your heart into this, because I just know  how repetitive it gets. You had a lot determination with this one, didn't you?

Anyway, I hope they'll add even more characters at one point!

Comment by q_Maxi_p 25th July 2018

@Maxi Yeah, and a lot of time... I hope they add more to the character lists...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 25th July 2018

    

Comment by anonymous-1520403 18th September 2018

At certain multiples of 6, some of the edges may be blurry. If that's the case, just set the width of the space character to 1536...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th September 2018

its looks like 1.13 updated minecraft font.


Comment by OktayYeniTR 19th September 2018

It must be minecraft's original font

Comment by OktayYeniTR 19th September 2018


Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th September 2018

The 🿷 Character.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 29th September 2018

If anyone wants more letters in the font, just ask...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 2nd October 2018

Where are the button glyphs located?

Comment by realicraft 3rd October 2018


Comment by anonymous-1520403 3rd October 2018

Which is? I don't know my font abbreviations.

Comment by realicraft 4th October 2018

Private Use Area(s)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 4th October 2018

And how exactly did you put characters there? I don't think you can access that normally...

Comment by realicraft 5th October 2018

Line 35205, Now 26320. Then set it as a breakpoint, then add the range you want... As long as they are below 65535, they'll still save normally... Khalfani used this more than once to add cjk

Comment by anonymous-1520403 5th October 2018

I... what? Can you maybe explain in a little bit more detail? 

Comment by realicraft 5th October 2018

Developer tools, accessed by pressing F12. (Some laptops have an Fn key you need to press with F12 to access the devtools.)

Not sure what script 77's going into...

Comment by ImmaPooh 5th January 2019

@ImmaPooh fontstructor.js

Comment by anonymous-1520403 5th January 2019

Ok... but I still have almost no idea what you mean.

Comment by realicraft 5th January 2019

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