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Something much easier than the 5x4 I did last time.

Info: Created on 10th December 2017 . Last edited on 10th December 2017.
License Creative Commons
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Aye, nice one opipik. I'm sure it's easier to fit more differentiation into 5 px.  I like the g, s and 4.

Comment by Aeolien 10th December 2017

And it's quite readable, good job!

Comment by dpla 12th December 2017

+ many disambiguations = a well-thought design in mono.

Comment by dpla 12th December 2017

I'd say it's much more readable than your "improvement" of the 5x4 font, where you sacrificed readability for an uniform aesthetic.

Comment by opipik 12th December 2017

1. You cannot really compare 5x5 and 5x4.

2. My strict 5x4 after your limited 5x4 was a proof of concept : the readability is damaged if we stretch the glyphs horizontally (but it's quite doable, though a lot more difficult than using the proportional/conventional glyphs).

Please comment on the right thread (font page), if you need to improve your interesting very low-res designs, else the user cannot follow us, since 2013…

Comment by dpla 15th December 2017

Here's the link to opipik's proud "fs 5x4"…

Comment by dpla 15th December 2017

I replied throughly there… I hope you'll learn the meaning of readability before referring to a less legible experiment ;-)

Comment by dpla 16th December 2017
Comment by dpla 18th December 2017

Readability v.s. legibility in very low-res raster text characters, (c) 2017-12-17 dpla.
• 'Readable' from the standpoint of a correct code point* (with an optional legibility);
• 'Legible' from the standpoint of a correct glyph shape (with a necessary readability).
Be aware that the both columns in this example only feature a selection of degradations.
* When you DUPLICATE a glyph, your font is broken and unusable for _any_ context of use;
If you cannot provide a complete US-ASCII, your creature is NOT A FONT, even as >=8-bit.

Comment by dpla 18th December 2017

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