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Cleaning out the queue. I can't believe this one has been sitting in here for *gulp* eight months! I figure if I don't kick it out now, then it will sit here sequestered for another eight.

The title is inspired by my struggles to space this one properly.

A work in progress. Taking any and all feedback - especially for spacing.

Works best at specific sizes. Enjoy.


The sample presents the typeface "as is", in regards to spacing. Thoughts?
Comment by afrojet 3rd october 2009
I really like this, especially at the larger sizes.

I like the E.B. White quote too.
Comment by aphoria 4th october 2009
Current spacing gives it a very 'clean' look and works well in my view.

Gave it a swift 10 to counteract the 1 from the troll :)
Comment by p2pnut 4th october 2009
Whoever rated your work as 1.0 either made a technical mistake (very doubtful), or expressed his/her strong disapproval. What on Middle-Earth could excite someone on this perfectly designed, elegant type face to take such measures, I could not tell. I could only speculate, that you might have stepped on someone else's toes by creating a very similar font. Well, Hooligan is a nice variation on the tall, narrow serif theme (see Pacific Serif Light by Max Kisman, 2002), but a brief inspection can tell it is different enough to exist in its own right. Thus, my verdict is 10/10.
Comment by Frodo7 4th october 2009
Elegance, squared-off. Very pleasant results.
Comment by minimum 4th october 2009
nice. clean. interesting serifs. a sleek design. a winner :) i think this could be a useful example for Starflyer Demo 1 as a font done in FS that could be used for sci-fi projects and it's serif :) great job.
Comment by funk_king 4th october 2009
Very readable serif, congrats. Maybe I would have made a round @, but this is not my font.
Comment by igorrossi 4th october 2009
If Frank Herbert had asked me to do the cover for Dune, I would have used this one for sure :)

My thought on spacing is serifs invade whitespace, therefore non-serified letter combination like the oo seem to have more space between each o than the space between the li, for example.
I know they are geometrical exact but visually different, so what I would do in FS to correct this is have all non-serified sides of the font slightly closer than serified sides. This is much easier with the filter set at 2, so you can take advantage of half brick positioning (if such term exists). Lately if I´m not going for a pixel font, I set them at 2, should the need arise.
I know remapping 200 chars. to a Filter 2 grid is quite tedious, so you may come with a lighter solution.
Comment by cayo 4th october 2009
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, fellas.

@frodo: I have it on good authority that the Troll who attempted this offense against my person was, as a small child, forced under strict and overbearing tutelage to read until memorized, long passages from Charlottes Web. I believe the E.B. White quote poked this Troll's cerebellum in the wrong place and birthed a painful reminder of a dark and sad time.

@funk_king: I hadn't considered the sci-fi angle, maybe in the right context it could work. Further laboratory research is required...

@igorrossi: Good suggestion. I'll experiment with that.

@cayo: Agreed. The "oo" is crying for a kerning pair. As are many others. I think it's probably the main reason I didn't make this public for so long; I didn't want to put it out there with so many spacing/kerning aberrations. Good suggestion on the 2x Filtering. I'll try that next time.
Comment by afrojet 4th october 2009
@afrojet: LOL! Kerning by hand in this case is more than worth the extra effort. This type of fontstruction just begs to be brought into FL/TypeTool for kerning pairs, etc. To me, this one weds a compressed modern face with the angularity of Berthold City. Even when typographers draw from the same wells of historic inspiration, the unique forms they create will happily stand on their own while being rooted firmly in typographic traditions. Working in the same mode while cloning another fonts metrics is another question (
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 5th october 2009
@will Wow, if you see a little Berthold City in Hooligan, then I am filled with Joy. I can say unequivocally that Berthold City Bold was the very first typeface I ever became aware of. The first typeface where I said, "Hey, those are cool letters, I wonder how I can use those same letters for something I want to do". And thus the journey began. It didn't take long to learn those letters were collected in things called fonts and that those fonts had names. And the name of my first love was Berthold City Bold. The image that started it all was the logo for a mid-80's Straight Edge Hardcore band called Society System Decontrol (SS Decontrol) or SSD for short. Good memories. In recent years, I've gone with Aachen, when times have called for a seriously sturdy slab-serif, but City will always hold a special place in my heart.
Comment by afrojet 5th october 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Hooligan” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 2nd december 2009

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