tm What Else

by thalamic

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The letterspacing on this fontstruction would have looked terrible if not for the kerning support. Thankx.

Info: Created on 5th May 2017 . Last edited on 16th May 2017.
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Comment by thalamic 14th May 2017

Is the render playing tricks on me or are there curves in nearly every letter, down to the tops and bottoms of stems like in "I"?

Comment by Umbreon126 15th May 2017

The curves exist. 

And they are intentional.

Thanks for noticing.

Comment by thalamic 15th May 2017
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “tm What Else” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 15th May 2017

You are missing zero. How are the curves possible?

Comment by Brynda 15th May 2017

A very nice stencil typeface with that special thalamic touch!

Comment by laynecom 15th May 2017

@Brynda: The curves are possible because this font is only two bricks tall, exploiting the potential of the curved bricks already present in the standard bricks set.

Also, thanks for the heads-up on the 0. I am pretty sure I added it earlier, but it disappeared somehow. Re-added.

Comment by thalamic 15th May 2017

@laynecom: Thanks so much. I am glad to learn that there is such a thing as the 'thalamic touch'.

Comment by thalamic 15th May 2017

It's very tricky, I suppose, all these additions of curves… well done!

If I had your skill with this trivial tool, I'd like to create a minimal font based on very thin and large circles (cf. the 'abc' logo, but a lot lighter)… any clue of feasibility (even a link on this place) for a 'box-minded' beginner?

Comment by dpla 15th May 2017

How many unique bricks

Comment by Brynda 16th May 2017

@Brynda: Dunno. Many. Plus I cheated in places by using rotated/reflected bricks instead of creating new ones. Here is a sample image of My Bricks:

Comment by thalamic 16th May 2017

I'm in awe °˳°  What a striking design! Creative vision, patience, familiarity of FontStruct's tools, and skill. Just °.° wowww . Congratulations on the well-earned TP :)

Comment by Aeolien 16th May 2017

@dpla: If I think what you mean by the abc logo font (only thinner), here's my take on how to do it:

--Turn Expert Mode on

--Place the bricks in D1 D2 E1 E2 as shown

--Place the bricks in G1 G2 as shown

--Select bricks in G1 and G2 together

--Press Shift+G to group them into a single brick (which will give you the brick in H1 (brick 15 in MyBricks)

--Hold down Shift and click the newly created brick in MyBricks (which will pop-up a tiny dialog box on top of it which will contain all the original bricks used in the new brick)

--Click on the left brick to erase it (this will update the new brick to an even newer brick as shown in H2)

--Select this newest brick in MyBricks

--Press Shift+3 to activate Brick Stacking mode (the Draw tool should change to show it is in stack mode now)

--Click on the brick in D2 (which should combine the brick that is already in D2 with the brick currently selected in MyBricks resulting in the brick shown in D5--which will give you the required a)

--Press Shift+1 to go back to regular Draw tool

Upto 16 original bricks can be combined to form a single new brick. The shape of the new brick will depend upon how the original bricks were arranged before combining. Three additional examples of combining are shown in MyBrick.

It would help to experiment and figure things out on your own.


Comment by thalamic 17th May 2017
Comment by thalamic 17th May 2017

@Aeolien: Thank you for your gracious comment. Much appreciated.

Comment by thalamic 17th May 2017

@thamalic, you killed me! THANKS A LOT! (I'll give your tut' a try!)

Comment by dpla 17th May 2017
Comment by dpla 20th May 2017
Comment by dpla 20th May 2017

How did you?

Comment by Brynda 22nd May 2017

@Brynda: just a bitmap sketch, sorry: not fontstructed yet (but in the future hopefully, thanks to thalamic's advices)…

@everybody: free to create it/them for me :-)

Comment by dpla 22nd May 2017

PS of course the inspiration was the ABC 1966 logo (into two contrasted minimalist variants).

Comment by dpla 22nd May 2017

Would this make a good 3?

Comment by Brynda 24th May 2017
Comment by Brynda 24th May 2017

Composite in D?

Comment by Brynda 24th May 2017

About Brynda's suggestions ("3" and "S"), I'd stick with the original, more fanciful design… On the contrary (and out of curiosity), I'd like to see such rounded parts (terminals/finals/tails/serifs…) in characters like "ZMNV".

Comment by dpla 25th May 2017

Do you still like my suggestions, dpla. The T?

Comment by Brynda 25th May 2017

@Brynda: actually, beyond the personal matter of taste, your suggestions yield more uniformity [it can be enjoyable], because they put some lines aside ("S3401…"). thalamic's elements (blocks?) being more numerous, the original glyphs look a little more complex to me. Again, the related consensuality might not have been thalamic's incentive here [which can be enjoyable, too]. You know more about fontstructing than me, so I'm sure your question about "D" and "T" are pertinent as well. :-)

Comment by dpla 25th May 2017

"The T" mean Thalamic, dpla

Comment by Brynda 25th May 2017

@Brynda: ~OK (I still cannot quite understand “The T?”, while “Composite in D” seemed a technical -advanced- question(?)).

Comment by dpla 28th May 2017

Accented letters?

Comment by Brynda 13th June 2017

Excellent work on those subtle curves.

Comment by four 14th June 2017

Can we see inside?

Comment by Brynda 29th June 2017

@Thalamic Do you mind if I look inside?

Comment by Brynda 4th July 2017

@Brynda: Here are all the bricks used in outline mode so you can see how they were constructed.

Comment by thalamic 5th July 2017

Thanks, I can make some of these in fewer bricks...

Comment by Brynda 5th July 2017

Have you tried other spacing tools before kerning? (e.g. Nudging the letter to the left side)

Comment by Brynda 5th July 2017
Comment by Brynda 5th July 2017

@ Brynda: your turn now to offer your font and show the image of the outlines.

Comment by nightpegasus 6th July 2017

Again,  thalamic has shown his skill, patience and understanding of FontStruct and his creative and knowledgeable mind, presenting something entirely new. 10/10 and fav.

Comment by nightpegasus 6th July 2017

Thank You So Much your way of editing helped me make my font. Please check it out if you are reading this.

Comment by Floppy T 26th August 2017

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