tm Ode2Code

by thalamic

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Info: Created on 30th August 2015 . Last edited on 6th September 2015.
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Comment by thalamic 3rd September 2015
Comment by thalamic 3rd September 2015
A very convincing and useful design.
Comment by p2pnut 3rd September 2015
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “tm Ode2Code” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 4th September 2015
Thanks, Ray.
Thanks, Rob.
Comment by thalamic 4th September 2015
It's stylish and it's monospaced. I like it.
Comment by Umbreon126 5th September 2015
Thanks, Umbreon.
Comment by thalamic 23rd September 2015
While trying to update the sample with the newer changes, and without having to re-type the whole thing in Dreamweaver, I decided to take the shortcut and update the sample in Photoshop. I found two interesting things:

1. The font size in the sample is at 11pt in Dreamweaver. That same size characters are rendered at 14pt in Photoshop. Why the size difference? Photoshop is doing something weird with type.

2. While Dreamweaver text rendering engine—which I imagine is not specialized and is probably using standard Windows text rendering engine—renders the text with sub-pixel ClearType technology (read article here), Photoshop is still using the older anti-alising technology to render the text. This is Photoshop CC 2015 I'm talking about, so it's as latest as possible. I'm guessing they haven't felt the need to update text renderer in Photoshop.
Comment by thalamic 23rd September 2015
Comment by thalamic 23rd September 2015
Great samples, excellent font!
Comment by four 23rd September 2015
Thanks, four.
Comment by thalamic 23rd September 2015
Super legible monospaced suitable for coding. I can only repeat some of the opinions above: stylish, the monospaced letters feel very natural, not forced. The samples are very convincing. 10/10.
Comment by Frodo7 23rd September 2015

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