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A font face inspired by seven-segment LCD digits. To achieve non-ambiguous Latin glyphs in upper and lower case, some unusual choices have been made. Beta (at best) version status for Basic Latin, alpha status for Greek and Cyrillic.


I'm wikipedia expert. i am user that add ligatures ij and fi and m/w cann to wikipedia article "Seven segment display character representations"
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 20th april 2013
useless, wrong s, ij ligature, lowercase k on f, and Y looks like 4.
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 26th april 2013
Based on your examples, i make a pixel font on
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 26th april 2013
how to make a dot composite?
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 28th april 2013
You have to experiment with different bricks until you get a design you like.
Comment by Aeolien 28th april 2013
And, better still, do it on a font that you have designed yourself!
Comment by p2pnut 28th april 2013
i know: it already exists.
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 3rd may 2013
It is a very nice font i LOVE IT i just wish the F and E Lower Case would look more like an f and en e i could update this font showing u what i mean
Comment by ahhdo 23rd february 2015

Make a rounded one and more sizes like condensed and compressed

Comment by SonyVegasLover129 24th august 2017

@SonyVegasLover129: thank you for your suggestion. May I ask you to share the clones you'll be able to make after a delay of, say, two weeks without an answer from the original poster? (I could not read 'please'…)

Comment by dpla 24th august 2017


Comment by SonyVegasLover129 31st august 2017

I currently do not have the time or motivation to work on my fontstructions, so feel free to make use of that CC-BY license.

Comment by Crissov 31st august 2017


Comment by garismarvel 23rd june 2018
Comment by garismarvel 22nd august 2018

I am surprised @qarismarvel did not mark the lowercase 'A' and 'L' in yellow.

I have left-aligned both uppercase and lowercase 'I' now.

Comment by Crissov 23rd august 2018

Hi, Crissov. Bet it's been a long time since you last logged in...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 23rd august 2018


Comment by garismarvel 23rd june 2020

the lowcase s is a long s


Comment by lucapri 3rd june 2023

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