by geneus1
See also Amplifica Carved by geneus1.

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Amplifica. Derived from the Latin verbal definition of amplify, meaning to enlarge, make greater, or stronger. An older fontstruction revised with new curves and angles to withstand scaling and scrutiny at larger sizes. No polygonal simulated bezier curves needed. So yeah. Go ahead and scale it as large as you want. I dare you. I double dog dare you. 051510


More and more professional. Perfectly done. I just hope that Fontstructors (and giant pioneers like you) will keep alive some of the fantasy and madness that is the part of the Fontstruct charm and spirit I like the most now that they can do perfect and viable copies of what do professionals, designs we already suffer everywhere in town.
But that is only my very personal feeling, I don't want to hurt anyone, I am still more impressed by someone who makes something personal and efficient out of simple bitmap 3x3 grid.
I also know that for more than 2 years many fontstructors were frustrated by the limitations of the software and made many efforts to fontstruct loosingly a pure ariallike or helveticalike font to prove that Fontstruct fonts could be taken seriously. With fonts as perfect as "Amplifica", Fontstruct has already proved it can now be taken seriously by any professional designer. I hope that after the frustration period will have been resorbed, the new possibilities will be used to do things even more creative and crazy, just as do some independant little design companies using professional softwares to explode the barriers of conventions.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 16th may 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Amplifica” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 19th may 2010
Most impressive. Wonderful craftsmanship. The angles of the cap 'A' and the tuck on the lowercase 'a' are enough to get my FontStruct 2.0 heart racing.
Comment by afrojet 19th may 2010
Great work geneus1.
Comment by aphoria 19th may 2010
Wonderful. A knockout.
Comment by intaglio 20th may 2010
@neurone error. My entire library consists mostly of 'fantasy and madness.' The challenge that FontStruct poses for me currently is the intriguing endeavor of creating text based fonts. I normally and comfortably work on the opposite end of legibility. I love display and experimental typefaces, but I've developed a fascination for text faces thanks to seasoned fontstructors like intaglio, p2pnut, aphoria, frodo7, and others who take up the insurmountable task of building formal text faces. This new FontBook that I got is also a constant source of inspiration. It is a testament to how font obsession can be transferred offline.

FS2.0 offers a new vehicle of creation in an overwhelming amount of unexplored territory. Sticking with a 3x3 grid in FS2.0 would be like taking a drive in a new Ferrari and staying only in first gear in the driveway. I'm more for putting the pedal to the medal (and crashing and burning if I have to) to see where I can go and what I can do. Keep your seat belts fastened!

@afrojet, @aphoria, @intaglio. Thanks for the support!
Comment by geneus1 22nd may 2010
Well put geneus1.

Keep the text faces coming! :)
Comment by aphoria 22nd may 2010
Jings!! I must have missed the birth of this perfect baby while I was wrestling with the joys of Windows 7 on my new PC. So pleased to find it now. 10/10 (at the very least)
Comment by p2pnut 23rd may 2010
how do you manage these tight angles??
Comment by eskema 27th september 2010
@ is a little gem!
Comment by riccard0 27th september 2010

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